Red Sox crisis averted

“Please take us back to DEFCON 5!”

Honestly, don’t you wish somebody could stand at a microphone and utter those famous words from “War Games?” First, the Red Sox put baseball in crisis mode. Then, the crisis is averted.

And for what? A mere $40,000 per coach. Now I say “mere,” because what we’re dealing with in the players is a group of players so out of touch with reality that the sky might as well be orange in their world. Coaches are among the lowest-paid group in baseball, so sure, good for the players to make a stand. But to threaten a boycott of the season openers in Japan when all they’ve been asked to do is their job is a ridiculous.

In fact, the notion that the players demanded to be paid an extra $40,000 to go overseas is pretty disgusting.  As my boss said, “If (our A’s beat writer) Joe Stiglich wants $40,000 when he gets back from Japan, that’s a problem.”

Uh, yeah!

Anyway, the pampered babies got their way, so the world can resume turning. Until tomorrow, when perhaps they find out they don’t get free sunflower seeds.

As for the rest of us, we will continue working our 55-hour weeks, maybe get a slight bump in pay every 12 months (if we’re lucky) and pay even more for our tickets and parking.

What a country!