Random thoughts

Saw the the E! network was broadcasting Saturday Night Live’s Top 101 moments of all time, so I was inspired to used the “Random Thoughts,” that were so hysterical. Those of you from the Internet age are probably too young to remember.

Anyway, here are a couple of A’s-related things as they prepare to get swept here in Anaheim.

— I was surprised that my game story revolving around Jack Hannahan generated more than a couple of e-mails. I’m wondering if he’s become a bit of a fan favorite. Dude is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, and he’s overcome some pretty big demons, so it’s hard not to root for him. I wrote in an earlier post that he “stinks” and maybe that was harsh. I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to A’s third baseman, because they’ve had so many good ones. Hannahan reminds me a bit of Wayne Gross, who perhaps didn’t stink, but did when you compare him with Sal Bando, Carney Lansford and Eric Chavez. Same goes for Hannahan, although so many people are still high on him in the organization that perhaps it’s premature to right him off.

— A small thing, but Daric Barton had five hits over the final three games in Seattle. That was the first time he had five hits in a three-game span since June. Now, this is a guy who has hit at every level he’s everĀ been, so I definitely think it’s far too early to write him off. He’ll be an interesting guy to watch over the final five weeks.

— Hearing from a couple of insiders that managing partner Lewis Wolff is starting to work his connection with Bud Selig in an effort to gain access to the “territorial rights” the Giants own in Santa Clara. Stay tuned on that one.

— Also, the A’s want out of their Comcast Sports Net affiliation. What do you make of that?