Spring in the Air

Getting ready to hop aboard a much-too-early flight to Arizona for my annual spring training tour. This year, it will be Arizona only, and you get the chance to help me out.

Each year, I tour various camps — the primary purpose of which is to bring myself and the reader up to speed on what’s happening on teams other than the A’s and Giants. No different this time, and some of the story themes are pretty obvious. I’ll be visiting the Chicago White Sox and Arizona Diamondbacks to check in on Nick Swisher and Dan Haren, respectively.

But beyond that, how bout you tell me. What stories would you like to see. The Cubs, in their 100th year in search of a championship and with Kosume Fokudome in town, seem an interesting story, but any more so than the perennial AL West favorite Angels? Anything strike you as can’t-miss about the Rangers or Royals, the latter team having decided to spend a ton of money on Jose Guillen, of all people.

And, column-wise, what really strikes your fancy about the locals? Give me your comments, and I’ll take them under advisement. Remember, no such thing as a terrible idea.