A’s pick USC shortstop Grant Green

Just a quick post here on the A’s first round draft pick: They took USC shortstop Grant Green at No. 13. I think it was a smart pick, I just wasn’t sure they’d pull the trigger on him, mostly because Scott Boras is advising him, and Boras is known to drive a hard bargain w/teams. Since 2002, the A’s hadn’t picked a Boras player in the draft, though one club official told me that hasn’t necessarily been by design.

At any rate, the A’s couldn’t have gone wrong taking a third baseman or shortstop when you look at their organizational needs. And Green was definitely the best shortstop in the draft. In fact, heading into this season, he was seen as possibly the best hitter in the draft. But his stock fell significantly after he got off to a slow start offensively. He warmed up and finished at .374 with 19 doubles, five triples, four homers and 32 RBI in 54 games. Check out his USC bio here:

We haven’t got a chance to talk to Green yet, but I talked with USC baseball coach Chad Kreuter. His take on Green:

“(The A’s) are gonna get an exciting young shortstop who can really run. Once he grows into his body, he’s a guy that’s gonna hit for power. He’s 6-3, 180-185 pounds right now. He should grow into that body and hit 15-20 homers and hit for a high average.”

Kreuter compared him to former Detroit Tigers shortstop Travis Fryman, particularly in terms of body type. Fryman eventually converted to third base, but Kreuter thinks Green would fit best at shortstop early in his career because of his quickness and range. ….

You might remember Kreuter was a catcher w/Detroit, so perhaps it’s not a surprise he’d compare Green to a former teammate. But he was pretty honest in saying that Green was aware of the hype surrounding him this season and put too much pressure on himself. It’ll be interesting to hear what Green says about that …

The first round is just coming to an end, and the A’s don’t pick again until the third round (No. 92). …