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Someone had asked about Cal’s kickoff that was returned for a touchdown by Minnesota. Yes, indeed, it was supposed to go exactly where it went. Place-kicker Tom Schneider was told to kick it there and he did his job. As coach Tedford said, when you can pin a team into the corner, you don’t have to cover the entire field. Tedford explained that one of his defenders got knocked off his line and Minnesota simply did a great job of moving a couple other tacklers out of the way. Tedford said the scheme was sound, and he had to tip his cap to Minnesota for a big play.

For those of you wondering about Portland State. The game was scheduled last minute to replace Louisiana Tech, which pulled out of its agreement to come to Berkeley. (Remember that awful loss to Tech about six years ago in which the All American tight end was running uncovered deep in the fourth quarter?). Cal contacted almost every Division I-A school that had an opening with no luck. This game actually works out well for the Bears, who have played two considerable opponents in Tennessee and Minnesota.



  • i was very happy to see that shnieder (sp) was much improved in the minn game. i am pretty sure he kicked two out of bounds against tenn for penalties. andrew larson is better than david lonnie! i hope we have found a long term solution at qb, i think maybe we have.

  • Andrew


    Thanks for posting this blog. Does this mean you won’t be doing the Q&A anymore? If not, you should make sure the CC Times puts a more visible link to this blog on its Cal page. I was only able to find this blog after someone posted a link on Cyberbears. Thanks for all your work.

  • poetbear

    what danger are we in of the Bears looking ahead? if the boards are any indication, the fans seem to be not worried about this game at all.