A whole new world

It’s a whole new world we live in. When I started at the Contra Costa Times in 1981, I type on a typewriter. Now, I have a blog. Wow. I hope Cal fans can be patient with me for a while as I get used to this new format. I will be trying to find out what kind of information the readers want. I will still answer Q&As for now, but eventually I would hope that the readers ask questions in this format. Between writing, going to practice, and handling other duties, I get stretched pretty thin. But I will try to answer Q&As until I get the traffic redirected.

Thanks so much,


  • ChrisL

    I’m liking the blog… you might want to get it linked on the Cal page at contracostatimes.com though (as opposed to just the main page). Keep up the good work!

  • Pappy’s Boy Progeny

    Hi Jay,

    Don’t mean to be a pain, but you need to get the guys at CCT who manage the online stuff to put a clear link on your Cal Sports page or your writers page. I couldn’t find it until I googled it and I thought I looked pretty hard.

  • Diane

    Hi jay.

    Looks like the blog is going pretty well. Just wait til more more folks get the hang of it. You will be very busy then.
    Go Bears! and Lions too!

  • buster99

    Patience? Bear fans have had patience for 50 years!

    Great job Jay, keep the news coming. We really appreciate your contributions.

  • ChicagolandCalFan

    Thanks for handling the “stretching” of your responsibilities. I’m sure I speak for many Cal football fans all over the states (and the world?) in saying that we appreciate all the info and the coverage that you and the Times are providing. Looking forward to seeing more posts on your blog!

  • Alan

    Jay, I think Bear fans are just thrilled that you’ve created a blog dedicated to Cal sports. At this point, I’m happy to read anything and everything Cal related online to help me though a rough work week. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • Will Lee


    You mentioned you had “no life.” Having to spend your waking hours with Tedford and his staff as well as the fine gentlemen on our football team? You’ve actually got quite a life there and many Cal fans would swap with you in a heart-beat. Btw, do you have a futon bed set up outside of Tedford’s office?


  • Grizzly

    Yes, what happened? I was there in 1980: Army 26, Cal 19. Cal had preseason hype that year as well and had been shocked by Florida (0-10-1 in ’79) the week before. Hard to figure out because the Theder teams seemed so close, but the thrill of victory seemed illusive.

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