It has been interesting in practice lately to see leadership rising at Cal’s practice sessions. Cal fans would love watching Desmond Bishop take charge. This guy understands that his team can’t falter again and he appears to be taking matters personally. This week, as the team readies for a game that figures to be a sure win, Bishop won’t let his teammates relax. He has kept the emotion running high. His voice booms through the stadium at times and it affects everyone. That’s great stuff from a guy who only has been around the program since last season (he is a junior college transfer). How many JC transfers would even attempt to have this kind of impact in terms of leadership? Bishop commands respect, and he gets it.

The bottom line is that any Cal fans who are worried about the team’s focus this week can relax.


  • Greg

    good stuff from bishop. Like you say, rare to see a JC transfer take such a predominant role — but he can back it up. too funny that 2 of cal’s best players both wear No. 10. What about on offense Jay? Do you see any vocal leaders out there? Lynch seems to be a bit of a softspoken guy and somewhat of a guy who cracks a lot of jokes. With the vets on the o-line gone who is stepping up? I would imagine longshore is still a bit green. he seemed to comment that the offense does best when everyone is loose. That seems a little contrary to bishop’s philosophy.

  • dmgobears

    It’s nice to hear that Desmond is taking on a leadership role. It seemed that in 05 the senior o-liners provided leadership and the staff has been waiting to see somebody step up this year.