Devil of a time

Cal’s media luncheon always is held on Tuesday and it usually is a chance to talk with a very relaxed jeff Tedford, who isn’t dealing so much with practice issues.

One of the more important topics was the fact that tailback Marshawn Lynch seems to be back to 100 percent after favoring a sprained ankle the past couple of weeks.

Tedford talked about being wary of ASU’s defense, which has been putting a ton of pressure on opposing quarterbacks. he said the Sun Devils find a way to send more blitzing players than an opposing team is ready to block.

I find that interesting because Cal has such an inexperienced quarterback in Nate Longshore. On one play against Portland State, the Vikings blitzed a guy up the middle who was picked up by tailback Justin Forsett, but a linebacker came from the outside and sacked Longshore, who appeared to be unaware he was coming. One thing a veteran quarterback can do is identify where trouble is coming from, and then do something about it. How Longshore reads and reacts to the ASU defense will be a key to the outcome on Saturday at Memorial Stadium.

Worrell Williams came by the press conference and I will write something about him either for tomorrow’s papers or Thursday. I did an interview with Worrell about a year ago and he talked about the fact that football isn’t always his No. 1 priority. He assured me that has changed.