It’s Pimentel time

After Wednesday night’s practice Bob Gregory said that linebacker Mickey Pimentel most likely will start on Saturday. Justin Moye, who has played very well, too, will continue to get lots of snaps as well.

Pimentel is such a physical beast, it will be good to see if the psychological fix of starting will get his motor running right away. He can be a difference maker.

Pressure would seem to be a crucial aspect of this game. ASU 18 sacks, Cal 5 sacks. However, Cal faced a running team in Minnesota and the Portland State game was a blowout and can be discounted. Even so, it will be interesting to see if the Bears can put the screws to ASU sophomore QB Rudy Carpenter.

Somebody asked about my thoughts on OU-Oregon. I wrote my college notes that run in every Wednesday’s Times. I will have to look around on-line and see if they are up. I received about 12 e-mails on Wednesday telling me I’m an idiot. In short, I saw that Bob Stoops has every right to be mad, but he shouldn’t take it out on Washington. If teams didn’t play conference where there were bad calls, there would be no games.

I will keep checking all your comments for questions and I will add a new category called ANSWERS, where I will post them. keep them coming.

We had a few computer glitches this week that kept some posts from getting up on time, but it’s starting to get better.

Thanks everyone. See you on Saturday.



  • RLT

    Re: OU v. UO. Based on observation, I don’t believe that visiting teams get more bad calls when the officials are from the home team’s conference than when they are from the visiting team’s conference or a neutral conference. Still, the appearance of impropriety is never good. I agree with Stoops that the policy of requiring Pac-10 officials for non-conference games in Pac-10 stadiums is bad. I think that it should be part of the negotiations when scheduling games. If Cal and Tennessee decide to use neutral officials in both games of their home and home, or if they decide to use Pac-10 officials in Knoxville and SEC officials in Berkeley, what’s wrong with that? What do you think?