the streak is dead

Just like many of the other streaks that have died since Jeff Tedford took over, the curse of the Palouse is now history. It was interesting after the game how made coach Tedford seemed to be. He was not happy at all with his offense, and I would imagine his playmakers. The blocking seemed to be pretty good and the pass blocking was exceptional considering the opponent. It appeared that lately Lavelle Hawkins was becoming a huge factor and he was quiet against the Cougars. They need him to be back on his game in the coming weeks.

Isn’t it different that Cal can win a Pac-10 game by 18 points on the road against a team with a winning record and the head coach isn’t pleased? it is a sign of the times.

Cal is ranked No. 10 by the first BCS poll, but it really doesn’t matter. The Bears have to win out, and they will get a BCS berth. Anything thing less probably will lead to another trip to the Holiday Bowl. The national championship game isn’t going to happen for Cal. If Cal can beat USC, I imagine the national title game will feature the winner of Michigan-Ohio State vs. the winner of Louisville-West Virginia.

Did you notice that defensive end Steve Kelly is back in the mix on some key downs? Neat story about a kid who has fought through a mass of injuries. I will be writing about him this week.

After the game, Cal security chief Bud Turner was enjoying the win since he was around the last time Cal won in the Palouse in 1979. MArshawn Lynch took particular delight in Turner’s glee. “He said he was 40 the last time we won here,” Lynch said. “there’s no telling how old he is now.”


  • Tedford sounded more steamed after this win than any time I can remember. I wonder if he’s trying to refocus the team after their high over Oregon?

  • Jason

    What about if Cal loses to USC but wins the rest of our games, while USC goes undefeated? Doesn’t SC go to nat. championship and we still go to the rose bowl?

  • Danny C

    I do think that Cal does have a small but still reasonable chance to be in the National championship bowl!

    1. Cal wins out!

    2.The Louisville/ West Virginia game Loser will drop behind Cal.

    3. The Michigan/ Ohio State Loser will drop behind Cal.

    4. USC will drop behind Cal after they lose to Cal. Also if Cal wins they will get more votes cause of such a big win!

    5. If USC beats Notre Dame they will drop behind Cal.

    6. The SEC will beat up on each other, and all of them will be behind a Cal team that doesn’t lose it’s last 11 games.

    7. If Michigan or Ohio state lose before they play each other, and the team with a loss beats their arch rival, both with have a loss.

    8. Rutgers and Pitt are not chop liver. If one of them can beat West Virginia or Lousiville and the team with a loss beats the other team (WVU an UL) then they both drop behind Cal!

    Cal has to win out if it wants the BCS National championship game. If they do so I predict that they will be BCS top 4 for sure. And if things go the right way they could be even better than that! They just need to be #2!

    Also Cal can afford a loss IMO and still reach the Rose Bowl. They already have the tie breaker against Oregon. If they beat USC and only lose one game I think they are a lock. Oregon and USC have yet to play and one will lose. Cal would have the tie breaker against the other team with one loss.