Beep beep

I talked to Jim Muldoon of the Pac-10 office on Monday and he said he was barely aware of Marshawn Lynch’s NASCAR fun after the Bears’ overtime win over Washington at Memorial Stadium. Muldoon said the Pac-10 had received no complaints about the incident and only was familiar with his cart fun due to accounts of it in the media. So nothing official will come out of it, if you were wondering. However, you can be sure Jeff Tedford will talk to his players about the hazzard of mowing down a couple of teammates after a game.

Also from the Pac-10, Muldoon said that if Cal did reach the Rose Bowl, about 32,000 tickets would be made available to Cal fans. Then it would be Cal’s decision how to distribute those tickets. John Sudsbury of Cal’s sports information office said a ticket policy will be coming soon. However, he had no idea of an exact date. I would imagine that Cal fans aren’t going to hear anything until the Monday after the USC game. We will see.

Bears cornerback Daymeion Hughes was impressed how hard Washington played last Saturday. He said he saw a lot of bloody noses and black eyes. He said Washington deserved most of the credit for making that game so close.

Saturday’s game was a good example of the choice that defensive coordinators have to make. Cal’s Bob Gregory decided to go with dropping a lot of bodies back into pass coverage and therefore sacrificed his team’s ability to pressure the passer. Washington quarterback Carl Bonnell had lots of time to throw and barely was hit the entire game. However, Cal had five interceptions that were key to the victory. Can Cal afford to give John David Booty that kind of time? Of course not. But I would imagine that Gregory will go a different direction in that game. We will see.

Crazy as it sounds, driving that cart around might have put Marshawn Lynch back in the Heisman race. Voters might have have noticed his 100-yard plus a game and that he is leading the Pac-10 in rushing. However, everyone is talking about his antics after the game. At least they are talking about him.


  • Kent Wilson

    Marshawn for Heisman? That’s a joke at this point. Marshawn lost any slim chance he had at the Heisman along with any modicum of national respect that Cal lost back in September in Knoxville. I’m a die-hard Cal fan, but I live in the east and I can say that not too many folks east of the rockies will take Cal seriously…the only Pac-10 team with any sort of national respect is USC. Cal will need to defeat USC and then a Michigan or Ohio St. in the Rose Bowl to truly earn some some national respect. Don’t forget, over the past 5 years Cal has not played many traditionally strong football programs (embarassing loss to Tennessee, embarassing loss to Texas Tech, victory over Va. Tech). Not too may opportunities against strong non-conference opponents.

    My concern for Cal is that any opponent that plays a physical style has really slowed down the Cal offense. Tennesse – hit Cal hard on the first play of the game (Concussion for TE Stevens) and Cal never recovered. Both Washington St. and Washington are known for their ferocious hitting on defense and they seem to slow down the Cal offense. I fear that Cal is a little soft and struggles against teams that can match their physicality.

  • Pete Morris (’89)

    You are so right, Jay, about Marshawn’s cart ride perhaps getting him back in the Heisman discussion. The fact that he completely fell off the map when the team (if not him) laid an egg in Knoxville, and the fact that his post-game antics–as fun and spontaneous as they appear–get him back in the show, demonstrate what a lame publicity circus the Heisman has become. That said, I’d still love to see Marshawn get invited to the party in New York, just as JJ Arrington should have been two years ago, and Desean Jackson should be next year. Go Bears!
    Speaking of great Bears, Jay, who would be your top 5 players of the last 20-30 years? While there are plenty of honorable mentions (Pawlawsi, Dawkins, Wallace, Ortega, Auzenne, Shaw, Douglas, McArthur, among others), my Top 5, dating back to the Joe Kapp era, would be:
    5. (tie) Deltha O’Neal and Hardy Nickerson
    4. Tony Gonzalez
    3. Desean Jackson
    2. Russell White
    1. Marshawn Lynch
    Marshawn just passed Russell with this past Saturday’s effort, and Desean just might pass them all before he’s through, if he can return to his TD-scoring ways.

  • Bret Goldman

    Why did Cal play the “prevent you from winning defense.” at the end of the Washington game. Everyone knows that you can play not to lose instead of playing to win! I would love to see CAL send a corner or safety on a delay in one of the next games.