top five bears

I was asked to pick the top five Bears since I started covering the team in 1993. I am not including anyone from this season’s team.

1. Tony Gonzalez. The guy was an unbelievable tight end and he will eventually be an NFL Hall of Famer.
2. Todd Steussie. An absolute mountain. Stong, tough, funny. A good guy with great talent. A top notch NFL lineman.
3. Andre Carter. He cut the field in half. Opposing offenses didn’t even try to run at him.
4. Ryan O’Callaghan. He could cave in the left side of a defense, both the lineman in front of him and the linebacker behind. He was awesome.
5. Aaron Rodgers. His accuracy was uncanny. He took Cal to new heights.

Honorable mentions.

Linebacker Jerrott Willard, quarterback Dave Barr, wide receiver Geoff McArthur. All three were phenomenal when healthy. Unfortunately, injuries limited them during their Cal careers. Willard had an incredable closing kick to seal the deal. When the game was on the line, nobody was better than Barr. McArthur got all the attention and still made the plays.

Also, Deltha O’Neal was tremendously gifted. Duane Clemons was a monster. Regan Upshaw was just about as good as Carter. Bobby Shaw was one of the most acrobatic wide receivers I have ever seen. Kyle Boller had incredible gifts and not much support his first three seasons.


  • fb

    Given the team’s record since ’93, it’s amazing how hard making a list like that is. An explosive 2,000-yard rusher (who stayed remarkably healthy) like JJ Arrington doesn’t make the list, and guys like McArthur (and Deltha O’Neil!!) are honorable mentions. But it’s hard to argue with Steussie as a multi-year starter and anchor of some good teams.

  • bearengineer

    Cal has had a lot of great individual players in the last 20 years. Aaron Rodgers stands out as being a tremendous passer and a very good runner and in my mind, the best individual player. The second best was Russell White his soph and junior years. First play touchdown against Miami, hurdling over a tackler and that second effort run against UCLA to score the winning touchdown in the rose bowl with the clock winding down after losing to them for 20 years straight….signature moments. Willard was electric when healthy and on the field. Matt Beck reminded me of him. All great players frankly.