Cake, and ate it, too

So I was looking at one of Naomi Follett’s confetti cakes, wondering whether I should take a bite. I’m not much of a cake guy, but I couldn’t have told her I liked it, if I hadn’t at least tried a piece. And as a line of co-workers waited to get it a shot, I thought, what the heck. So I can now report, in all honesty, why Justin Forsett says it’s the best thing since sliced bread. I hate dry cakes, and this was moist and wonderful. I am not going to go Julia Childs on my readers, but I will post her recipe in the near future. In fact, I might have to change my philosophy about doing interviews with players. I might have to target those with the best cooks for moms. Or as one of my co-workers suggested, “Find out whose dad owns a BMW dealership.” Now that’s an idea.

For those interested in the life and times of former Cal wide receiver Geoff McArthur, I am writing a story for Friday’s paper on his season coaching at Kennedy High School. Yes, he did visit Jeff Tedford in pursuit of tips. McArthur said Tedford was wonderful, giving him lots of good advice. “I don’t like losing, and he hates to lose,” McArthur said of Tedford. McArthur, who is serving as Kennedy’s offensive coordinator, tried to put a Cal offense into play, and decided quickly that it was way too complicated. McArthur is hoping to get a shot at the NFL next season after recovering from knee surgery. For more, see Friday’s Contra Costa Times.