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Well, it’s back to business. We have been having some technical trouble, so I hope I haven’t lost you.

Clearing up some old business, here is the 2006 Cal football confetti cake recipe as written by Naomi Follett.

Plus a note from her :o)

Jay, I’ve thought long and hard about publishing my family’s secret
recipe on your blog. It has been in the family for generations and to
divulge it to the general “Jay Heater” public may compromise its
However, that being said, you have been so kind with your comments of
I’ve decided to share this ancient family secret recipe only with your
readers. So here tis:

Betty Crocker Super Moist Party
Chip Cake Mix (follow package directions)
Betty Crocker Rich and Creamy
Chip Frosting (follow package directions)

Naomi Follett

Now that woman has a sense of humor.

Just about every player I talked to this week said practice on Sunday was Cal’s best of the year. The Bears are feeling fresh and ready for the four-game sprint to the end of the season. This is a confident and excited group of players.

Cal’s offensive players said over and over that UCLA has the most improved defense in the Pac-10 this season. Bruins defensive ends Justin Hickman (10.5 sacks) and Bruce Davis (8.5 sacks) lead the way. UCLA has the best rush defense in the conference. It will be very interesting to see if the Bruins load up to stop Marshawn Lynch. If that happens, Cal’s wide receivers could have a big day on Saturday at Memorial Stadium.

It hasn’t rained on game day since they tore down the old press box at Memorial Stadium and I was a little worried that it would rain on Saturday. However, a revised forecast says no rain. That’s great since press row is basically outdoors. I would imagine that it will be damp and cold on Saturday, so I will have to put a sweater on my laptop.

Keep an eye on Nu’u Tafisi on Saturday. If he is back to full health, I would expect him to have a huge game and perhaps get a hit that produces an interception. Nu’u is a difference maker when at full strength.

If Cal wins out, I would think that Daymeion Hughes has a shot at winning the Lott Trophy that goes to college football’s defensive player of the year. Perhaps there should be a Hughes for Lott Trophy web site :o).

I wrote on Wednesday about Nate Longshore and the loss of his father last spring. It was a very personal topic and, as a writer, it is very hard to intrude on such a personal subject. The Longshore family was more than kind in dealing with a painful subject and I appreciate their willingness to speak with me. I do, at times, like to show to the public that there is so much more to young men playing football than football. To be able to focus in the face of tremendous adversity is so impressive to me, and I hope Cal fans or readers can appreciate the labor of love that goes into becoming a top notch football player and person. To see the way a football team rallies as a family in tough times is impressive. Unfortunately, the media can concentrate on the negative acts. I hope this came across as a reflection of a different nature.


  • Alex Golan

    The Longshore piece was a great story. I’m always amazed at the sacrifice and commitment these young men make to their sport and their team. When I was at Cal, especially the first couple years, about the only thing I accomplished outside of schoolwork was how to get a slice of pizza to feed myself.

    I’ve always enjoyed your contributions to the Cal sports community (even going back to the days of you posting on the old original Cyberbears board).

  • Dave from Norwalk

    Thanks for the Longshore story.