Bigger than Big Game?

So has Cal come so far that there are more important issues than the Big Game?

It is kind of interesting to consider.

At this time of year, Coach Tedford and staff are thinking about nothing but trying to win the next two games. Wins are very important because they will attract attention in the off-season with most of the offense coming back and tons of talent on defense. I have talked about the importance of high rankings going into the next season, and off season hype, and that certainly applies here.

That being said, there also is a school of thought that the time to begin preparing for next season is now. Is it time to work tight end Cameron Morrah into the lineup even if it means not putting your top 11 players on the field right now. Morrah is going to be a force next season, and some extended playing time would bring him up to speed.

How about Mike Tepper? This guy figures to be a big part of things next season. Will snaps right now give Cal a better chance at a title in 2007? How about getting Kevin Bemoll into the lineup? Perhaps some game action would spark his off-season workouts and propel him to some big things.

Obviously, everyone would like to see Zack Follett on the field more. And how about guys like Mika Kane? Is it time to play these guys even if it doesn’t give you your best shot at winning right now.

I’m kind of on the fence about this topic. Certainly, seniors have earned the right to finish their seasons in style. These seniors have meant the world to Cal’s football program.

On the other hand, it’s tough sending out novice players in an opener against Tennessee. It will be a bowl type atmosphere. What would be better than playing some of the rookies in a bowl?

I guess this kind of balancing act is why they pay coach Tedford the big bucks.


  • andrew

    I think Tedford should definitely play the youngsters. Pete Carroll has found success doing it at USC. That’s probably why they’re headed to the Nat’l Championship game this year when this was supposed to be a down year for them. Giving youngsters playing time early on in the season also makes the team deeper and fresher as the season progresses.

  • aguy

    Has DeSean Jackson rejoined the team ?

    quote –
    DeSean Jackson had travel issues and didn’t make it back from Southern California for Cal’s practice Sunday, coach Jeff Tedford said. Tedford didn’t have a timeline for the return of his big-play receiver and punt returner. “We’ll see,” he said.

  • Greg

    Also may be interesting to see what the coach decides to do at the qb position for the Big Game. Two seniors who have spilled a lot of sweat and blood are in reserve. Jay, do you forsee them getting on the field for a series or two or will it be business as usual?

  • yuunj

    hey jay,

    is there a reason that follett hasn’t been on the field much the past two games? is he being disciplined or is there some sort of undisclosed injury that’s forced him to stay on the sidelines? I think zach will end up being our leader on the defensive unit next year, which means, the more playing time now…the better.