‘Don’t Kill Tightwad’

Most of the people up here are huge Cal fans. And all of them love the view of the game. But if the planned renovation of Memorial Stadium goes through, some are afraid of what that will do to the view. The renovation apparently would include an elevated add-on portion directly behind the student section of the stadium. And that could greatly obstruct the incredible views enjoyed from the Hill — not only of the stadium but the entire Bay as well. Several fans are walking around wearing “Don’t Kill Tightwad Hill” shirts. There is a Web site devoted to Tightwad Hill (tightwadhill.org) as well a “My Space” page. The back of the “Don’t Kill Tightwad” shirt lists Nov. 24, 1923 as the date of the first game people watched from the hill. The famed cannon — which blasts every time Cal scores, used to reside inside the stadium but was moved to the Hill in 1972. “I’m not against them renovating the stadium,” said Keith Salminen, who runs the Web site. “I am against the views being blocked. This is almost as much of a tradition as sitting in (the stadium). It’s a part of Memorial Stadium.” …

Joe Stiglich

  • Gordy Abbott

    Give me a break. I also love the view from Memorial, but I have actually paid for for my tickets during the past 25 years. I could care less what those people up there think. Cal Football needs and deserves a new Stadium

  • Jay,

    Dan Sicular runs tightwadhill.org. I run the official website, which is linked above.

    Thank you again for taking the time to hear what I had to say.