Getting an early start …

The assignment is to blog from Tightwad Hill during today’s Big Game, so I thought I’d wander up the Hill two hours before kickoff to find a spot to settle. Wasn’t sure if anyone would be up here yet. Yeah right … At least 30 people already had set up shop. Folding chairs are scattered everywhere. Others have thrown down a blanket and settled on flat pieces of ground, and many just grab a spot on a comfortable log and sit down. Pre-game euphoria has set in bright and early. Stories are being swapped about past Big Games, but the conversation is diverse. Oakland A’s stories are also being shared. You get the feeling these people would feel right at home in the left-field bleachers at McAfee Coliseum.

There are two spots to watch the game from on Tightwad Hill. One spot is the area where the cannon is set up. Another spot is to the left of that, separated from the cannon by a group of trees. That’s where I’m at right now. No sign of Cal students over here. The crowd is slightly over college-age, with one family sitting right in the middle of everybody. Everyone is getting along. About the only sign of tension was when one guy wandered up the Hill complaining because he had to go a mile out of his way to buy a bottle of Jack Daniels. This is a tailgate party without any tailgates, and it’s sure to continue for four quarters …

Joe Stiglich

  • goodie

    Good stuff, interested to read what you write!

  • Mike Daive

    Yo bro, i met ya a the game and you need to edit that about most people feel at home in the Left Field bleachers.

    the a’s fans who come to tightwad hill sit in right field.

  • That guy making the big deal about the bottle of JD: