Scary moment …

It’s a clear, sunny day but the wind is swirling pretty bad up here. Just before kickoff, a branch broke off a tree high above the crowd and hit somebody on the head. Paramedics had to come and carry him off on a stretcher. Someone sitting next to the fan said that he was conscious and speaking before he was taken away. Not something you take into consideration when you first make your way up here. … But the vibe up here is pretty boisterous. There are synchronized cheers going on, just like you hear in the stadium. And the view of the field is great. You can easily make out uniform numbers. The people who staked out their territory earliest grabbed the best seats where the whole field is visible. From where I’m standing, I can see the whole field except for the end zone on my left. If it was 1982 and The Play broke out, I would miss Kevin Moen running over the trombone player.

Joe Stiglich