Heater in hot water

Jeff Tedford hardly ever reads a newspaper, which is standard procedure for a coach. You can’t be affected by what appears in the newspaper. On Monday, though, Tedford had a rare day off so he got up to look at his Contra Costa Times to see in a headline that read “Tedford points to offensive line as big part of the reason for Cal’s low scoring output in its past three games.”

Of course, Tedford did not say that the offensive line was a big reason for Cal’s low scoring output. The headline was off-the-mark. Tedford said that his offensive line thought too much against Stanford and that his guys didn’t get off the ball well. As far as his offense’s problems in the past three games, Tedford has been on record as saying the opponents had a lot to do with it. Certainly, there are other reasons, but he keeps those in-house. He sure doesn’t want anyone to think he is pointing a finger and that was the reason for his anger at the headline.

In the story, the reporter (me) said that the offensive line has had its troubles the past three games. So there was some confusion and therefore I apologized to coach Tedford and coach Michalczik.

Being in the journalism business, I know that football players aren’t the only ones to fumble at times. I have done it both in my writing, and on the desk as a headline writer.

Unfortunately, this fumble made it seem that Coach Tedford was unhappy with his players at a time when he was very proud considering they had earned a share of a Pac-10 championship.



  • fightonbears

    Jay, it take a big person to admit he made a mistake. It takes an even bigger person to explain why he made that mistakes. Go Bears!!

  • I love Cal Football

    Jay, thank you for displaying the humility to do what you did. When I first read the article, I thought that it was out of character of coach to make the problems public. This post clears things up. Thanks.

  • Anonymous


    Great job with the explanation and I’m sure that if anyone understands a mistake, it’s Coach Tedford. Regardless, thanks for covering Cal football in a way I haven’t seen in my lifetime. Hope there’s some recruiting news in the offing.

  • Ozone

    Hey Jay-
    Is this another example of the CCT editor getting their columnists in trouble? Remember the Newhouse article on Cal wanting to be USC? He blamed the headline on his editor.