Holiday fun

O.K., so how many of you would like to see Cal shock Texas A&M in, say, the second quarter by sending out quarterback Joe Ayoob and telling him to run a series of spread offense? It might be kind of interesting, don’t you think? Cal has shown almost none of it all season, so why not take a chance if the regular offense gets bogged down? I know you only have so many offensive series in a game, but I can’t imagine that Texas A&M, having watched tapes of Cal from this season, would be prepared for the spread. I don’t think you should ever try to completely change what you do, but this is a case where Cal have been practicing many of these plays. Just a thought.


  • bluehenbear

    I’m not so sure Jay. aTm did play TxTech so it’s not like they’ve never seen it before. GO BEARS!

  • DJGuy

    Jay, I’m all for it. Why wait until the second quarter? Throw them off right away and maybe they’ll never get back on track.

  • jan koski

    I’d rather see Reed or Riley out there for the purpose that you stated earlier about preparing for the Tennesse game…

  • GoBears1991

    Seems like every conference has at least one spread offense team these days. My impression is that the key to defending it is speed more than a gameplan. And as Cal fans know all too well, the Big 12’s Texas Tech has one of the more prolific spread offenses over the last few years (not sure how good it was this year). I don’t think the element of surprise would be enough to offset A&M’s presumable familiarity with defending against it, nor Cal’s lack of game experience running it.
    With that said, I sure hope four weeks is enough time for Cal’s clever tacticians to develop and install an effective gameplan that leverages the formidable offensive talent in the Holiday Bowl.