The Simpson center

Jeff Tedford stood in front of a group on Wednesday at Memorial Stadium talking about how if girls were working in the equipment room of the new Simpson High Performance Center, which is attached to the locker room, there are no sight lines into the locker room. He talked about how planners considered every aspect, down to the way the players put their shoes into the lockers.

This building has Tedford’s stamp on it and he obviously is proud of it. He considered everything, to the design of the locker room, to the alignment of his office with those of his assistants, to the training table, to the medical center. Everything. He made sure that everyone who will work in the building, athletes, trainers, food service employees, everyone, gave their imput.

It is, indeed, a neat building. It’s not beautiful from the outside because you can hardly see it. It sits partially underground and has almost no windows. There will be trees planted on the roof, so when you approach Memorial Stadium, you see Memorial Stadium and not some building in front of it. It almost disappears into the landscape.

But recruits will see plenty of beauty inside. The weight room and locker facilities are top notch and have been developed after studying similar facilities at Ohio State, Penn State, North Carolina, North Carolina State and Texas.

Three law suits have been filed to stop construction of the building, but Cal administrators are confident the construction will follow schedule from here on out.

The $100 million raised so far will be put into an endowment and the building will be financed with bonds. The idea is that extra money from the investments will provide several million dollars a year for Cal’s athletic program.

The bottom line is that Tedford simply was beaming while talking about the facility on Wednesday. It’s what he wanted to be equal with the big guns. He is finally getting it.

If you are a Cal fan, you’ve got to be smiling.

As an aside, that plaza that will be on the room of the center and available to ticket holders on game day, will be awesome. Think how crowded it is in those Memorial Stadium hallways. That will relieve that problem significantly and provide more concessions.