Good-bye Mike

Good-bye Mike Dunbar, we didn’t know you very well. Of course, you weren’t around very long, only a year.

For Cal football, it probably will be best.

The first day I interviewed Mike Dunbar, I found him to be a very driven, very strong-minded individual. A guy with strong beliefs, a leader, a guy who had been a head coach and probably wouldn’t mind being on again.

I wondered at the time how Dunbar would co-exist with Jeff Tedford, who has all those same qualities. We now know.

Say what you want about George Cortez, the guy didn’t mind toiling in the background. Dunbar was the complete opposite, a guy who had pride in his spread system and wanted to use it.

He will now get that chance at Minnesota, and I would imagine he will be quite successful. The guy is very good at what he does. However, when your offensive philosophy doesn’t coincide with your head coach’s, a guy who probably is considered one of the top five coaches in all of college football, then you are going to struggle.

I talked to Mike Dunbar at the end of last season and he said he was looking forward to 2007 in Berkeley. I called him last week, and he wouldn’t return phone calls. I knew something was in the works. More phone calls this week and no return call. It was obvious that Dunbar was headed to another location.
Contrary to some speculation, Tedford said he didn’t take over play calling in the Holiday Bowl. He said Dunbar called all but a few plays. I asked coach Tedford if he would call more plays in the future. He said he would address that later.

My bet is that he finds another hands-on, quarterbacks type of coach, a guy who loves working on technical stuff with the kids and doesn’t care to veer from Tedford’s plan for Saturday. Cortez used to call the plays, but you always knew that Tedford had written the script.

I would imagine that it will be that way in the future. For Cal, that’s good stuff.