back from vacation

well, it was two weeks off and it seemed like a month.

I walked into the office today and found out that Cal senior cornerback Tim Mixon withdrew his application for a sixth year in order to pursue any professional opportunity that might come his way. Tim is such a great kid, I wish him well, but I would have liked to have seen him playing cornerback next season. If he had played one less game before getting injured a couple of years ago, I’m sure he would have seen this thing through to the end. However, he barely missed the criteria and wasn’t optimistic about his chance of getting another season from the NCAA.

While I was gone, Jim Michalczik was moved to offensive coordinator. This is perfect and well deserved. Coach Michalczik is a head coach in waiting and the move advances his career in that regard while keeping him on the scene. It’s only a matter of time before somebody plucks him away.


  • dakirw

    Jay, welcome back. Hope you enjoy your well deserved vacation.
    Will you have any interesting stories regarding the 2007 Cal football recruiting class that the coaches wouldn’t mind your sharing (either in the blog or in an article)? I’d love to hear more about how some of the last minute commits finally ended up selecting the Bears.
    By the way,is the Q&A forum still active, or is that feature going away?