Zack attack

So how many of you are looking forward to seeing Zack Follett on the field all the time?

It’s hard to fault Cal’s coaching staff for most of the decisions it has made since Jeff Tedford took over, but I often wondered last season why Follett wasn’t on the field more. This guy was a monster playmaker and, obviously, he had the speed and desire to get the job done.

Granted, Cal had major talent at linebacker, but Follett is a special athlete and, I believe, will become a marquee player in the Pac-10.

Certainly, he will be in the middle of everything this season as he accepts the Desmond Bishop role. I also would imagine that defensive coordinator Bob Gregory will continue to line him up on the edge at times in passing situations. I always have admired the fact that Gregory doesn’t lock guys into a position. He will develop schemes to utilize his players’ strengths, even if that means going outside the box.

Follett said he has been issued the challenge by the coaching staff of proving that he is an every down linebacker. It’s one thing to come off the bench fresh and go full steam for a series. It’s another thing to carry out excellence over an entire game. We’re talking stamina.

My guess is that Follett has that stamina and he is going to be a hard guy to get off the field.