time to hit

Can’t wait until tomorrow.

OK, that might be a take off Scarlet O’Hara (you young’uns are probably scratching your head on that one), but I really love that first day of hitting at camp.

So many of the players want to show what they can do, especially those kids that had to red-shirt last season. I want to see the young defensive backs mix it up, I want to see how far along Derrick Hill and Michael Costanzo are. Is Rulon Davis ready to be an impact player? Who’s ahead, James Montgomery or Tracy Slocum? Is Kyle Reed ready to step forward and is Kevin Riley another Aaron Rodgers?

It’s an exciting time of year to be around coach Tedford, who is stressed out all season as he prepares for each team. There are no games right now, so Tedford can concentrate on teaching, something that he loves to do. Those who feel that college coaches are all about winning and losing should take a trip to spring ball. To see these coaches’ faces when a kid picks up a technique, when he finally gets over a hump, when the light bulb goes on. It’s a joy to see.

I have fun just watching the special teams guys. Larson is a stud and Tommy Schneider is so consistent in practice that it’s silly. My question about Nick Sunberg is this, “Has a long snapper ever left early for the NFL?”

I wish I could see more of you out there at the stadium, but practice of course is closed. Of course, you do get to see the spring scrimmage, and perhaps coach Tedford will open up another scrimmage some where along the way. If he does, I will let you know. But I will let you know how things go on Saturday, when big hits return to Memorial Stadium. Hopefully, Bernard Hicks doesn’t hurt anyone.


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    looking forward to your sat practice nites thx in anticipation of the great stuff you always provide