don’t lose your head

The Zack attack was on display on Saturday. Zack Follett tracked down wide receiver Lavelle Hawkins, who made a catch and then had his helmet ripped off by Follett. Fortunately for Cal, Hawkins’ head was not in the helmet as it bounced along the turf.

Instead, Hawkins went into a “You can’t hurt me dance” that energized everyone on the field. It was a great shot of energy.

After the practice, I asked Jeff Tedford if it was a little unnerving to see Follett line up one of his marquee wide receivers. “Nah,” Tedford said. “It was a good, clean hit.”

Cal’s entire practice session on Saturday was full of energy, somewhat unusual for a spring drill. Sure, the Cal coaching staff preaches enthusiasm and demands it, but the whole place was bursting with energy on Saturday. It kind of gives the indication that these kids have some lofty goals in mind.

Besides his big hit, Follett also tipped a pass during drills that was intercepted. He then got into a Follett War Dance where he stretched his arms out to each side and did about eight helicopter spins. Great stuff.

I think the most impressive thing on Saturday was the way Derrick Hill was moving around the field. The big guy can eat up some ground and he obviously is feeling pretty good.

Syd’Quan Thompson looks physically bigger and thicker this season so he obviously has been doing the work in the weight room.

Coach Tedford gushed about how well Chet Teofilo has been playing at tackle. Teofilo strugged last season as he moved from defensive line to offensive line, but Tedford said he is finally getting it.


  • Jan Koski

    what about the other DBs and the DEs, Jay??? Please feed our hunger!

  • Bill Glass

    I just wanted you to know that I’m eating this stuff up, Jay- It’s great.
    Thanks for doing it!