before spring break

Before letting the players head out for spring break, Cal coach Jeff Tedford ran them through a pretty hefty scrimmage on Friday at Memorial Stadium.

I guess the thing that hit me most was the fact that linebacker Anthony Felder was in the middle of several plays, making tackles, blocking passes, being a force. That’s great news for Cal since Felder battled injuries all last season that kept him from building on his fine freshman season. It appears that he is ready to go again. Zack Follett missed the scrimmage and Greg Van Hoesen tweaked an ankle so Felder, Worrell Williams and Justin Moye saw plenty of action. Moye put a monster hit on Justin Forsett that I mistakenly thought was Thomas DeCoud. Moye’s parents were sitting behind me so we got that one straightened out :o)

Other things I noticed,

DeCoud looks very, very confident. Cal’s safeties should have a big season.

Forsett looks very quick, but he isn’t going to be the pass catching threat that Lynch was.

Freshman fullback R.J. Garrett is a BIG guy.

Brandon Jones looks like a playmaker.

If Cal lines up Daniel Lofton next to Nyan Boateng in 2008, teams are going to have trouble dealing with their size.

Kyle Reed and Kevin Riley have a long ways to go.

James Montgomery is ready to make a move. This kid is quick and his cuts come so effortlessly.

Eddie Young is going to get on the field. The guy is a load.

Cal opened some nice holes inside with Kevin Bemoll at right guard and Mike Tepper at right tackle.

I know that senior defensive end John Allen won’t be a starter, but it would be interesting to see this guy get some snaps. He often is a force during practice.