The Bears worked out in the morning on Monday. There was nothing particularly noteworthy, although defensive end Tad Smith had his second strong practice in a row. Freshman Jahvid Best also stood out once again. On one play during 11-on-11s, he took a short pass over the middle from Nate Longshore and raced to the outside for a long gain.

Typically, the Bears run sprints after practice. They did again Monday, but this time the entire Cal coaching staff did them first. “It hurt,” Cal coach Jeff Tedford said.

Speaking of Longshore, his experiment with blue hair didn’t last long. He dyed it black a couple of days ago, in preparation for Sunday’s team photo day.

Sophomore Matt Laird ran with the first unit on the offensive line, primarily because Chet Teofilo spent the morning undergoing surgery for a dislocated thumb. Teofilo has been running with the first unit because Mike Gibson is still limited with a hamstring injury. Tedford said the offensive line is pretty much set, if everyone is healthy: LT – Gibson, LG – Brian De La Puente, C – Alex Mack, RG – Norris Malele, RT – Mike Tepper. Tedford said Tepper is having an excellent camp and is “coming into his own.”

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Blake

    Jonathan–I just want to reiterate what everyone is saying. These updates are great and I look forward to them every day. Keep it up!

  • Jeff

    So what’s the scoop with Kevin Bemoll, I noticed he wasn’t on the calbears roster, Jonathan, is he still on the team? Thanks

  • john

    Great info, thanks Jonathan. Keep up the good work!

  • D-Money

    I thought they were gonna keep Gibson on the right side and have Tepper play LT?

  • LaughingBear

    I’d love to hear how Craig Stevens is preparing and his mind-set going into this game considering what happened last year — I have never seen any film on the hit and would like to know if it was a clean shot.

    And how’s the FB depth looking? Will T. got some great write-ups after spring drills.

    When I see the Bears in a 2-back, 1 TE set, it just feels right…and it keeps a fresh receiver ready at all times!

  • Jonathan Okanes

    Jeff, Bemoll has been suspended for the fall. It was in my Cal notebook which ran today. Tedford said it was a violation of team rules.

    D-Money, as of Monday, Gibson was on the left and Tepper on the right.

    LaughingBear, I haven’t talked to Craig. It may be something I do during the week of the game. Will looks good. He ran a couple dive plays yesterday and looked pretty strong.

  • moreNCsarecoming

    Hi Jonathan

    Last year this team was humiliated by its opening day loss to the Vols. The Vols were too big, too fast, too athletic and too strong. Tell me what has changed so much over one year that so many of the “experts” think that this team will now lose. I am telling you the result will be the same. If anyone is an expert it is I. I guessed the outcome of that game PERFECTLY last year.

  • Bay Area Bear


    1. no more Meacham, possibly no Coker.
    2. Cal has healthy DBs this time.
    3. home-field.


  • RedBluffBear


    We also have a returning QB who is smart, experienced and capable. Longshore actually played quite well at Rocky Top last year, but it was a baptism by fire to be sure.

  • moreNCsarecoming

    The game plan by the Vols will require little if any imagination. Pound the ball right up the middle between the tackles until you can show that you can consistently stop it. That’s what the patsy ASU team did last year against you and had you down until their stupid coach moved away from the game plan. Foster and other RBs will wear you guys down. Because you guys will be so concerned about stopping the run it will leave the TEs wide open. By using this strategy they will eat up large blocks of time. You can’t score if you don’t have the ball.

  • RedBluffBear


    ASU had one good opening TD drive last year (is that what you mean by ASU having us “down”?!)…after that, Cal, like we usually do, made the necessary adjustments and took control for the rest of the game…our second half wasn’t as pretty–indeed, we allowed ASU 14 points to our 7–but it was pretty much Cal all the way to our 49-21 rout…

    I wouldn’t worry about our pass D. We know what we have to do.

    Don’t forget, Moron, that we lowly Bears SHARED THE PAC-10 TITLE with your royal and mighty Trojans. Like it or not, win or lose, Cal remains, one of USC true threats.