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By Jonathan Okanes
Sunday, August 19th, 2007 at 9:38 pm in Training camp.

There seems to be some technical problems posting comments on the blog right now, so I thought I’d respond to a couple recent comments through this entry.

Jan, regarding Cameron Morrah: He does appear to be a good pass-catching tight end, but I’ve heard his blocking could use some work. Plus, the Bears have arguably the best tight end in the Pac-10 with Craig Stevens, so Morrah is probably at least a year away from making a significant impact.

Laughing, yes, Zack Smith is the Duke transfer. He really hasn’t gotten enough reps to form an opinion.

More, I haven’t herad from Jay.

Matt, I wouldn’t read too much into the kickoff returns. It’s more of a time for the special teamers to work on their coverages, so the returner really has the advantage.

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