Back in business

As many of you may have noticed, due to technical problems, the blog was out of order for a few days. But we’re back up and running.

I’m sure most of you have kept up with the proceedings through the paper, but here are some more tidbits to pass along from the past few days:

–While it looks as though Brandon Hampton has won the open cornerback job, Darian Hagan has been coming on. Earlier in the week, he made a fantastic interception of a pass from Kyle Reed, blanketing LaReylle Cunningham down the left sideline before hauling it in. Defensive coordinator Bob Gregory was unhappy with Hagan’s work habits at the beginning of camp, but says Hagan has really been improving. I don’t think the coaches would be hesitant to use Hagan if Hampton stumbles.

–There was kind of a funny moment during Wednesday’s practice. The Bears were going thorugh a mock game, working on substitutions and changing packages in different situations. They even wanted to get the training staff some practice because center Alex Mack faked an injury after a pretend extra point. A trainer came on to the field and “helped” Mack to the sideline.

–The Bears started game planning for Tennessee on Wednesday. They will have eight practices to prepare for the Volunteers.

–Coach Jeff Tedford has yet to name a No. 2 quarterback, but Reed still appears to be the frontrunner. Tedford could make it public as early as tonight’s practice, but he may wait until the beginning of next week. There really is no reason for him rush. If it were the starting job, obviously that would be different.

–It looks as though Cameron Jordan is in the mix to play this season on the defensive line as a true freshman. HIs athleticism for his size (6-4, 260) is remarkable. Fellow freshman defensive lineman Ernest Owusu likely will redshirt.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Jan Koski

    Alleluia! I’ve been enjoyin your articles, but my blue and gold blood needed a little more… If you can expand on why Reed was chosen in an article or on here, I’d be one who would appreciate it. I’ve read elsewhere that he has the Kordell Stewart disease where he is underthrowing his receivers. Is there any truth to that?

  • TrumanHugh

    Hey Jan–What have you read that says Reed was chosen? I thought Tedford had yet to announce QB2.

  • Josh in Portland

    Nice to have you back. I recently discovered the site and am now a daily reader. Thanks for the great information. By the way, I just saw on the official Cal site that Riley was named the backup. What do you think this means for Reed? Is he done at Cal?

  • Jan Koski

    sorry everyone! I meant to ask why J.O. thought Reed would be chosen.

  • Jan Koski

    now, I really wanna know, since Riley WAS chosen! I like Tedford’s PC explanation for the choice. Smart man!

  • Jim

    What’s the story with RJ Garrett? Is he injured? Thought he’d be next in line behind Will T?

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Hey Jonathan

    So what’s your prediction for this year’s preseason Top 15? Jay used to give his every year and I would “help” him a little too. I do think in the Pac 10 that UCLA, Berkley and perhaps OSU will battle it out for second place.

  • Bay Area Bear

    Hey Jonathan,

    How do you pronounce Jahvid Best’s name?

    Is it JAY-vid? Jay-VEED?
    JAW-vid, or jaw-VEED?

    It has been confounding me.

  • Da Bears

    Bay Area Bear, when Gary Radnich interviewed him, he called him “jaw-vid”. But then again, he said Jahvid Lynch, so he might not be the best source.


  • SRF

    Hey Moren–

    Another thing Jay used to do was point out–specifically to YOU–that if you kept referring to Cal as “Berkeley,” you would forever be ignored. I remember the post vividly, as it was about time Jay called you out. It was sweet!

    We all get that you are a Southern Cal fan, but at least show some respect on OUR site by getting our name right.

    We are California. We are the Bears. We are Cal. Take your pick.

    As for a preseason top 15, I’m sure nobody–not Jonathan, and I doubt Jay–needs your help in putting a list together.

  • TrumanHugh

    So now Jan, my question becomes: what are these magical powers you possess??

    How do you foresee Cal finishing this year??

    I’m coming to you for all my fortune-telling needs! ; )

  • Jan Koski

    I just stumbled upon a media guide with pronunciation, and Jahvid is Jaw-vid.


    Sorry, J.O.!