A few laughs

A few offbeat tidbits:

–Redshirt freshman linebacker Michael Mohamed got his first extensive playing time against Louisiana Tech. The opportunity was exciting. Maybe too exciting.

“At first, I got out there, I was just so juiced up to be out there,” Mohamed said. “I came off the field and (linebackers coach Ken Thompson) was like, ‘What did you have on that play?’ I did the wrong assignment. I was just too excited about it.”

–Wide receiver Lavelle Hawkins keeps trying to convince the media that he’s actually shy. Of course, we know better. We know that he’s really possibly the most charismatic, engaging personality on the team.

Hawkins is a delight. He’s funny, smart, friendly and almost always upbeat. When he arrived at the Hall of Fame Room at Memorial Stadium on Tuesday for the weekly press luncheon, he first approached two of the curators who put together the display cases for the athletic department.

“Hi, I’m DeSean Jackson,” he said, introducing himself. I couldn’t hear the entire conversation. But they talked for a few minutes and Lavelle never broke character, acting as though he was DeSean. I ran into the curators later and they said Lavelle never spilled the beans. They didn’t know it was actually Lavelle until I told them.

Lavelle has said all year he enjoys having the spotlight on DeSean. Hawkins is tied for third in the Pac-10 in catches per game (6.3).

“I’m just the other guy,” Hawkins said. “Put the camera on DeSean and let me just sneak by you. I think I need to stay out of the papers because they’re going to start reading this stuff.”

Thankfully, Lavelle was joking. Because it’s good for us reporters to have him in the paper.

–Hawkins also joked that Cal’s student section should join with him when he does “the Hawk”, his celebration dance. He pointed out that fans were chanting for fellow wideout Robert Jordan last week.

“Please, students, please do it with me,” he said. “I’m feeling lonely out thee. I need the Hawk. I don’t need a chant. Just wave your hands with me.”

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.