Mid-week update

I talked with linebacker Zack Follett after practice today and the prospects of him playing Saturday don’t sound promising. Follett said his neck stinger kept him in a pretty good amount of pain for about a week, but the symptoms are gone now. Still, he needs to be careful about his return. Returning prematurely from this type of injury could cause more serious damage.

Follett realizes how important Saturday’s game at Oregon is, but also is thinking about the rest of the season and beyond. The deal-breaker might be the fact that the Bears have a bye next week, meaning Follett can have three weeks off before returning on Oct. 13 against Oregon State.

“Most likely I’ll be back after the bye,” Follett said. “That will give it a lot of time to rest. If we didn’t have the bye, it probably wouldn’t be as enticing to wait it out, even though it’s one of the bigger games of the year. It’s either have me back for one game and maybe get hurt and be out for the rest of the season, or be back for the Oregon State game.”

Follett said no final decision has been made and he is still considered day-to-day.

“I’ve been really fighting trying to come back,” he said. “I almost put on pads today. But it’s the rest of my career or one game.”

In better news for Cal, defensive tackle Matt Malele is practicing and coach Jeff Tedford said it looks like he will play after missing last week’s game against Arizona.

Kicker Tom Schneider is going to miss another game with his quadriceps pull.

–Practice is taking on a different look this week because wide receiver Drew Glover is playing quarterback on the scout team instead of Brock Mansion. Glover, who played quarterback as a senior at Bishop O’Dowd High School, is emulating dynamic Oregon quarterback Dennis Dixon.

–ESPN analyst Desmond Howard was at practice Wednesday to film a segment with DeSean Jackson. Howard, of course, is one of only two wide receiver/kick returners to win the Heisman Trophy, something Jackson is attempting to do. Howard said the segment should run on “Gameday” on Saturday. Gameday is originating from Eugene this week, and Howard will be on hand for the show.

–Cal’s athletic department wanted to urge all fans attending Saturday’s game to wear blue instead of gold. Oregon fans have been instructed to wear gold.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Looperbear

    Hey JO,

    Bummer about Follett and Schneider.

    However, thanks for the update. I think you’re doing a great job, especially on getting credible injury updates (I’m a print subscriber too, FWIW).

  • BleedGreen&Yellow

    Oregon fans wear yellow s***head. Lightning yellow. You’ll learn all about it on Saturday. Look for it in your backfield/endzone.

  • Anonymous

    what’s the word on Ta’ufo’ou?

  • oski up north

    Hey Bleedgreen&yellow… Personal foul. Or in your case fowl. In any case, lighten up.

  • dballer

    Why was Brock Mansion off the scout team? Did he take reps with 1st and 2nd team offense to prep for a back-up role, or is Glover a better imitation of the Duck’s Dixon and his running ability?

  • QuackAttack

    Hate to see Follett return and get hurt in what’s sure to be a pretty physical game. Here’s to a lot of offense!

    Go Ducks!

    GB&Y…if you’re going to come out of your hole, please don’t pretend to represent the Ducks.

  • Nate

    GOLD?!?!?!? We are YELLOW and GREEN my friend!


    As a lifelong duck fan I take offense to BleedGreen&Yellow’s Language and comment. Lighten up! Go Ducks and here is to a good game. Wish I could be there with Yellow or GOLD.

  • Lifelong_Duck

    As a lifelong duck fan I take offense to BleedGreen&Yellow’s Language and comment. Lighten up! Go Ducks and here is to a good game. Wish I could be there with Yellow or GOLD.

  • Phil

    Shut up, BleedGreen&Yellow.

    Go Ducks!

  • oski4u


    UO…time to go back to your irrelevant hole known as Eugene…have fun in the mid-december-somewhere-outside-of-el paso Bowl…

  • Build-A-Bear

    Where are all the Bear fans at? Go Bears! I love Oregon’s stadium though. I’ve been there twice and it’s louder then any other field I’ve been on. Here’s to a well played, injury-free game. It’s going to be tough for Cal. Overtime?

  • BleedGreen&Yellow

    Breaking news: It’s a football game, people talk. Seems to me like I’m the only one who’s not taking this seriously. You guys need to lighten up. If any Cal fans were offended I’m deeply sorry. You’re more than welcome to come by my tailgate at halftime to drink away your sorrows. The rest of you idiots make Duck fans look like p**sies. Oops, there’s that language again.

  • BombayBear

    Green and Yellow? Hmmm, there’s probably a ton of public toilets around that are sporting your colors. Time to flush the Ducks.
    You guys should just wear white. That way you won’t have to bring along white flags, you can just put your shirts up in the air when you surrender.

  • Autzen Junkie

    3 words, Dixon Your Mouth!

  • Jonathan Okanes

    dballer, as I wrote, they are using Glover to emulate Dixon. Mansion is not preparing as a backup. He’ll be back on the scout team for Oregon State. Also, I’ll find out more about Will T. tonight

  • BIG D

    Prediction:CAL will win 38-21. (only 38 because the noise will get to them a little bit).