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What will see see?

By Jonathan Okanes
Friday, October 26th, 2007 at 1:23 pm in upcoming game.

I’m really interested to see what kind of mental state the Bears are in when they take the field tomorrow. Of course, they have said all the right things and believe they still are in the conference race. And they are, although there obviously are other teams in better position of power.

Still, it has to take something out of you to be served a dose of reality. The Bears were on top of the college football world and took a long, hard and fast fall. It’s not easy to recover from that.

There’s also the view that since some of the pressure is off now, the Bears will just let loose and play even better. I actually buy that theory. But the opposing viewpoint is that if they still think they are in the conference race, then they can’t afford another loss. Knowing that you HAVE to win is the ultimate kind of pressure.

My hunch is that Cal will play well. I think they will relax and get back to having fun. And coach Jeff Tedford stressed getting back to basics this week, something that may have escaped the Bears during their two losses.

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