Because of the game’s late start, I won’t be able to post once the first half comes to an end. Gotta get cracking on my story for tomorrow’s paper. Enjoy the rest of the game.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Big D

    Don’t forget to write about how Longshore single-handedly, blow the game with his INTs. What a selfish QB, if he is that hurt, then he shouldn’t play, if he’s not hurt, then he just sucks. Put Riley in either way!

  • BigD


  • Big D

    It’s official, CAL f-ing sucks ! G-Damn it, what the F!

  • CalAlum97

    I am with ya on your first comment Big D! I was thinking the same thing in last weeks game. He was obviously still tender last week and chose to go forward with playing…SELFISH! Even last week’s commentators speculated that his inaccurate passes and interceptions were due to his tenderness. THEN WHY IN THE HECK DID HE CHOSE TO PLAY KNOWING HE WASN’T AT FULL CAPACITY?!! Because he’s selfish, and possibly scared Riely will take his starting role from him. But like you said, if it wasn’t his ankle, he just stinks and should step aside. Hell, there’s nothing to lose this season anymore. LEt Riley go the rest of the season and pick up experience for next year!!
    Props to Tedford though, I think he used some trickery, passed a lot more, and just generally tried to mix it up. Our team just didn’t execute!

  • Bo

    Who else is tired of Cal’s bend-and-then-break-into-a-million-pieces defense? If there’s one change Tedford needs to make at season’s end, it’s at defensive coordinator. We need someone who can actually teach the defense how to f’g tackle.

    Erickson showed no respect for Cal’s D by going for it on fourth down in the first half, and it wasn’t because his Devils were trailing by 13. It was because he knew Cal’s defense would do nothing to stop them.

    Fire Bob Gregory.

  • Big D

    I’ve met Gregory a few times and I like his intensity and he seems like a good guy, with that said, our defense is always a step behind. Even last year, our offense was so good, it masked our defense’s weakness, now that our offense can’t score 30+ points a game anymore, our defense is exposed. Even the talking heads were saying at the beginning of the season that our D was soft, I hoped they were wrong, but unfortunately, they were right. It’s been a month since we’ve tasted sweet victory. Shoot, give me a helmet and shoulder pads, I may get run over at my tender age, but at least I’ll MAKE THE EFFORT!

  • R

    Even though everyone picks on our Defense, you also have to remember all the 3 and outs we have on offense which forces the defense to become fatigued. What was it? Like 10 minutes of possession in the second half? Again, I’m not saying our defense is stout by any means but if they’re taken off the field more regularly, we can still win games with them.

    I also want to echo everyone else’s comments about our Quarterback. It seems people sometimes forget how important a quarterback is to a team. Not just the position but the implied leadership to go with it. We have great receivers but they become next to nothing if you can’t get the ball to them. Nate has had pretty much 2 full years to grow and at this point, I would 100% prefer to see Riley grow.

  • WeNeedSomeChange

    Did anyone ask Tedford about Riley playing. I have yet to see any post game comments about him.

    Also, please give me some good news on Rulon, who was an absolute beast on Sat. Thanks.

    Riley better start vs. WSU

  • Matt

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure the only questions everyone wants answered are:

    1) How bad is Rulon Davis’ injury?

    2) When is Riley going to start over Longshore?

  • Jonathan Okanes

    I just put a new post up, but to answer your questions. Tedford was asked about Longshore and he said that he asked Longshore how he felt and Longshore said he was OK. Obviously, everybody could see he was hurting to some extent. My guess is “OK” in this case meant he felt he was good enough to play. As for Davis, I’ll have an update tomorrow. I’m sure Tedford also will update us on Longshore’s ankle and if there is a chance Riley will see action this week.

  • Dan

    My suspicion about Tedford’s reluctance to pull Longshore is that he is loyal to Nate and concerned about his psyche now and in the future. We should be glad that Tedford thinks like this. The other reason which we shouldn’t be so glad is that I think Tedford doesn’t see things as clearly and as quickly as other might see things. That has been apparent in both his in game adjustments, or lack thereof, and in his game to game adjustments. In this case, Longshore has been just this side of terrible. TEdford is just probably getting what has been apparent most of the season. Aside from all Longshore’s game breaking ints the last 2 games, he is inaccurate and inconsistent to the point that he kills too many drives. He frequently misses wide open receivers, and even on many completions, they require the receivers to come up with efforted catches and greatly limits their ability to tack on yards after the catch. I doubt the Coach will pull Longshore unless his injury becomes so bad he can barely move. I don’t think he’ll use it as an excuse to get Riley in there.

    Let us not forget that Longshore is a only a junior. So with 4 games left this season, possibly 5, and a whole season next year, there is a whole lot of Longshore left. Right now, that’s now encouraging. But let’s all also remember this is college, not pro, so go easy on Nate. He’s a great kid, a leader and is doing his best. Make sure he is never booed. Tedford is the professional, along with his coaches. Criticisms as warranted should be directed their way. They certainly deserve some this season. That’s a whole different topic.

  • Big D

    Well, one shouldn’t “boo” Longshore ah-la Ayoob, for his poor performance, however, they are D-1 athletes and like it or not (I don’t), college football is a business. Just like any company would do to their employee, if not performing up to standard, you must get somebody in there who can get the job done. That is real life, like it or not. Forget Longshores “pysche”, if he is injured, he needs to sit for the teams and HIS own good. I wouldn’t abandon Longshore, but Tedford should pull him until he is not affected by his ankle, period.

  • big d

    If you don’t pull Longshore until his ankle heals up, then you will get the losses AND lose your QB. If you are going to lose, at least let your young QB (and next years backup) get some snaps in and you never know, maybe he would win out and then we can have a real QB competition in the spring and make everybody better!