Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at

  • Eric

    This is an absolute embarrassment. Undisciplined penalties, turnovers galore, dropped passes, and an absolutely terrible defense. Terrible. Can’t stop the run, can’t get pressure, and Conte got burned on a few occasions.

  • Dan

    Is it finally OK to criticize Tedford without being considered part of the lunatic fringe? His team imploded (again) in every aspect of the game. The defense is an absolute embarassment. Bob Gregory’s ultra safe, “bend but don’t break” near prevent defense showed the last 2 weeks what else it can’t do- stop the run. 300+ yards rushing by UW with a back up QB in the game? Did we play Air Force? Or the Oklahoma Sooners of the 70’s?? Cal’s wimpy, safe approach to defense is the mirror image of Tedford’s offense if you take the season as a whole. Special teams are just as bad. 5 losses in 6 games. Inexcusable.
    Bottom line- great and good coaches’ teams get better in the 2nd half of games, Cal has played worse most every game. Top coaches team’s get better as the season progresses. Cal has clearly gotten worse. I’m sure recruits will be beating a path to come play for Tedford as February signing day approaches.

  • Anonymous

    It is never OK to criticize the coaches. EVER! If you do you are a fair weather fan and understand nothing about football!

    Sound familiar? Hah. Last week I tried to post something here criticizing the coaches and it was promptly deleted. Can’t wait to see if they delete your comment too! Pathetic censorship and accountability dodging! SHAME ON THE CC TIMES!

  • R

    Although our offense still doesn’t have that firepower that we started the season with, the loss today clearly falls on the defense’s hands.

    Bob Gregory needs to do something drastic or something needs to be done with Gregory or the DL coach or any coach associated with the defense.

    I thought we made USC’s running attack look good but we made the Huskies look like NFL caliber.

  • PapaBear

    Today’s loss had nothing to do with bend, but don’t break. Cal just got blasted off the line – BIG TIME. Lack of emotion today I thought. Can’t blame much on Longshore today. The pick was bad, but way more fingers to point elsewhere today.

    Go Bears?

  • Seth

    LMAO. Ha, ha, funny PapaBear.

    Go Bears?

    That was hilarious.


  • 77lukbear

    How do you like NL/ JT now? Who says that can’t blame much on Longshore? Yes, there are a lot of players and area screwing up. You had to know that Longshore/ Tedford had a lot of contribution. In the beginning of second half when Longshore long pass to Jordon was short and Cal to seattle for 1st at 2 instead of the TD, you just knew that we cannot get into the endzone. At second down, most QB in America would try to sneak in for the TD. Instead, NL had to turn around and handoff to Forset. Why? Because, NL is a stiff. If the entire team production for the second half is 3 points, shouldnt your QB / HC be held accountable? Therefore, Longshore is to blame. You may wear black from now on Saturday because Cal’s offense is dead.