Jeff Tedford initially said he wanted to play Kevin Riley for a series or two. Now, it’s hard to imagine Nate Longshore will come back into the game. Riley obviously made plays and gave the offense a spark when he got in there.

Meanwhile, it looks as though the Bears have figured some things out on defense. They’ve gone with a fast three-man front with Rulon Davis and Cameron Jordan on the ends and Derrick Hill in the middle, and Air Force isn’t having as much success with the option. The return of Thomas DeCoud also was a difference-maker — he blew up two plays single-handedly in the second quarter.

Riley was 9-for-11 for 122 yards and two touchdowns. Justin Forsett has 42 yards rushing and DeSean Jackson has four catches for 73 yards and a score.


Pregame festivities

The Armed Forces Bowl is sponsored by Bell Helicopter, which supplies its products to the military. There was a majestic demonstration a few minutes ago when the company displayed its helicopters by sending a few of them up and around the stadium. They took off from a roped off area right behind the stadium, appearing over the concourse then ultimately flying away.