Bob Gregory

Washington papers are reporting that Eastern Washington coach Paul Wulff will be named Washington State’s new coach at a news conference tomorrow.  Cal defensive coordinator Bob Gregory was considered a candidate for the job. He was contacted by the school but it is unclear if he ever interviewed. Wulff was a teammate of Gregory and Cal offensive coordinator Jim Michalczik at Washington State during the mid-1980s.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • suzy

    I am so disappointed . I was HOPING and PRAYING that Bob Gregory would get that job and leave Cal forever. My son is a player at Cal and he is the most horrible coach we have ever encountered. He has taken the most wonderful young man in the world who loved football with all of his heart, soul and mind and has single handidly ruined him. He should actually get out of coaching all together, I have no idea why he even does it. I thought coaches were to inspire and mold and lead. Not to destroy and ruin young men. If he doesn’t go to another school I hope he goes to hell.

  • Jan K. Oski


    That would have made Tedford’s job, easy, if he decides to go in a different direction from the bend and break defense.

  • suzy

    Kids play their hearts out when they are valued and respected. They like tough coaches that teach them important skills (maybe pass rush?) When you destroy their souls, they have little to give, little hope for the future and learn to HATE a game they have loved all their life. It is a coaches JOB to mold and produce fine young men through the vehicle of football.
    To be confused and loose sleep because of poor communication skills is hard on any student athlete who needs to perform and top levels. Maybe a coaching clinic would help Bob Gregory figure out if he even should be in this profession. Teams that win don’t always go to the most physically talented, it is the team with the greatest confidence, composure under pressure, teamwork and communication skills that are all part of a coaching job. (look at De LeSalle)
    Right now they have NO TEAM, it is a bunch of disjointed players and coaches who are to far away from the boys to even see their problems or care for that matter. There better be some changes or next year will make this year look like a picnic!!

  • frustrated

    nooo dammit gregory’s not leaving?!?!! we need a real defensive coord!

  • Matt G


    Yikes! “go to hell?” Look, I know there’s no fury stronger than a momma bear who’s sees her cub has been treated badly, but this might not be the best way to vent.

    I will be interested to see if Gregory is replaced, as Jan implied, now that he didn’t leave for WSU. Going a different direction will likely require SOME restaffing, and Gregaroy and Alamar seem to be first on the chopping block in most fans’ minds.

  • I too am frustrated that he won’t leave! Our defense has underachieved year after year, and it’s not like we don’t have the talent!

  • Will


    Get a hold of yourself. Seriously.


  • California Pete

    Suzy, if your son does indeed play for the Bears, then perhaps he should transfer if he’s so unhappy.

    Alvin, the Bears in 2007 are not nearly as talented on defense as you seem to believe. They were decimated by graduation after 2006, and a combination of injuries and recruiting failures the last few years have thoroughly depleted the defensive line. While questions will remain on the D-line, I’m cautiously optimistic about the defense’s chances in 2008.

    And I’m absolutely thrilled that it appears Gregory is staying. He’s been Tedford’s top assistant for years, and the statistics back that up:
    2006 = gave up a lot of yards, but #2 scoring defense in the Pac10
    2005 = #1 scoring defense in the Pac10 (#2 in yards)
    2004 = #2 scoring defense in the Pac10 (#3 in yards)
    2003 = #5 scoring defense in the Pac10 (#6 in yards)
    2002 = #7 scoring defense in the Pac10 (#9 in yards)

    In what everyone saw before the season as a rebuilding year, the Bears defense regressed in 2007: #6 in the Pac10 in both yards and scoring (#53 nationally). Still, I’d call this mediocre, rather than bad, and good enough for a 10-win season had the offense played up to potential. What I see in the numbers above is a very good football coach who inherited an absolutely miserable defense and steadily built it into one of the west coast’s finest. 2008 will obviously be a big test: is Cal headed back down the ladder, or will we be able to look back on 2007 as just a frustrating rebuilding year of unrealistic expectations.

  • suzy

    Your right, I apologize for being an upset mamma bear. It wasn’t fair to be so critical. I actually just wish he would go coach somewhere where he would be happy. And my son doesn’t play anymore so I guess it doesn’t matter. I just feel bad for all the other boys that will be ruined under his coaching. It takes so long to build them up in this world and to see it crushed by one person is heartbreaking for a parent.
    Again I am sorry for saying such ugly things…..

  • Big D

    Suzy, who is your son?

  • suzy

    You mean who WAS my son. It doesn’t matter anymore. I do wish the Bears the best and hope they can learn to support each other and enoy the game. Sorry to vent through tears but unless you have lived it, it is hard to explain the pain. Go Bears!!

  • Jack Arnold Cal ’64

    This is sad news for Bears fans as the WSU post seemed like our only opportunity to clean house and bring in a defensive coordinator with some intensity. I hope that Tedford has the courage to make the right moves
    with the weaker assistants in the offseason.

  • Big D

    Was? did he pass?
    I’m not judging. I am just curious who your son is/was. You brough it up. That’s all. I have played sports for many years and have had some great coaches to some real bonehead coaches, so I understand.

  • suzy

    I guess there is always two sides to a story and it depends on your outlook. For example,I feel sorry for Alex Smith. He is a great kid who spends his free time helping his mom out in rural areas with disadvantaged kids. He didn’t go out and buy a flashy car and he still has a ping pong table in his living room for furniture. A humble hardworking nice young man. Yet coach Nolan threw him under the bus and Im sure many fans want to see him gone. He got injured so is useless and treated like a piece of meat. I know its all about money in the NFL and college, it’s just a shame that so many fine young men are thrown away and the O J Simpsons of the world are glorified cause they could run the ball. I realize that’s how it works, but it is still unfortunate. As far as bonehead coaches, that part of life and everyone should deal with one. But a coach that has no more regard for you than a side of beef hanging in a locker should think twice about the meaning of “coach”.

  • A_Real_Fan


    I could not agree with you more. Gregory has ruined so many good prospects with his callous and disingenuous attitude that it makes me want to cry. Since all of the fans (aside from you and me) are in denial on this matter, next year we can come back and tell them all, ‘I told you so’ as Gregory’s defense crashes and burns once again.

  • CaliforniaPete, I wasn’t specifically talking about this year. In 2006 we had arguably one of the best defensive fronts in the Pac-10, and he didn’t put it to use. With his conservative “bend but don’t break” philosophy, he never put that talent to use to generate a decent pass rush. For the talent we had in 2006, our defense severely underachieved. If not for hughes we wouldn’t have had as many takeaways.

    This year, yes, we lost tons of talent, but I still question his play-calling. When we’re stuck playing coverage half the time, the opposing QB has all day to get the ball to his receivers. Simply put, I would like for him to be more aggressive and use some blitz packages!

    And about our offense – it has underachieved in the last few games, but the fact is that it hasn’t been able to get on the field as much. Most of that lies on the defense giving up long, extended drives.

  • Gary

    Suzy, you should report your son’s experiences to Jeff Tedford. That would have much more valuable impact than venting on a news website.

  • We’llBeOk

    Response to Suzy:
    Suzy, just curious as a concerned what specifically it was about Gregory’s coaching that you feel crushed the kids’ spirits? Be interested to know specifics if possible.

  • hbear2

    Suzy, why would a mother waste her time venting on a blog site? You are a fraud, nothing more, nothing less. Unless you provide even a shred of proof, you are simply having a laugh or are a flame artist from another team.

    If you cannot provide any credible evidence (and every time you have been asked you go off on a tangent), go away.

  • Suzy,

    Are you a member of the Stanford band?

  • moreNCsarecoming

    Subject:Hey Buddy
    Sent:Yesterday 5:10 PM PST
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    Did you see the post on the CCTimes Blog? I wrote one and signed it Suzi and posed as a football player’s mother. I got those Berkley fans going over their on their board. It is hilarious.

  • anon
  • Suzy

    I recently was requested by matteye to tell the whole world that Cal State Berkley is a pathetic 6-6 team

  • Suzy

    Well, now who’s Suzy? That’s what I thought. Go back to your Cal hating cave, Precious..


  • Suzy is my b!tch

    Ooohhh nooo! Wow, Suzy, you really hurt our feelings. You’re so clever. Someone had to actually tell you to make that inane insult? Couldn’t think of it on your own, eh? Took a two person team to think up “pathetic”?

    Congratulations, you sure got us good. We might as well stop being fans at this point. I mean, matteye and you think our team is pathetic. What point is there to rooting for Cal now?

  • AMy

    Suzy is the famous anti-Cal scam artist who goes by various names. No need for a n introduction.

  • suzy the trojan

    My name is Suzy, I am a trojan. Since I don’t have a job because daddy won’t let me, I like to post fake things on the web. I cannot leave the house without wearing at least three itmes of clothing that say usc on them, and I give the fight on salute to everyone. Some homeless guy that I gave the fight on sign to gave it back the other day, it was sooo cute, he did this weird thing and put his tongue in the V and wiggled it while going lalalalalala. So right on! Right on? FIGHT ON mauauaaa-aa-aa-a-a-a-a. Ya, so like…ya. I gotta go, I think I got a bad bean burrito, yuck, I am like ready to gag I smell so bad, even the dog is getting sick. Well ,see ya guys hehe!

  • matteye

    I’m a Cal fan and I called him out to prove it was him posting as “Suzy”. That was his repsonse…

  • lessncarecoming


    I want to go on record that I wrote that damning letter because I am the real Suzy. Suzy is not morencsarecoming. Please call off your investigation. I do not want to be sued by Tort of False Light. I would have to give up all of my USC gear which is all that I own in life.

  • Big D

    I figured “Suzy” was full of sheet. Wow, what a loser. Coming on a Cal blog to play games. What a fool. Dude, you need to go outside and get some sun, maybe the sun will dry out your 15 year old pizza face and clear up those pimples. So tell me, how’s your Hotpocket and juicebox, dork?

  • Nate

    Lay off of Suzy.
    She’s just stating the obvious.
    This program is in a down spiral.
    I’ve heard rumors of players skipping practice and Tedford and co. not benching them so as not to hurt their draft status, etc.

    At this point I would take Mike White, or Ron Rivera over Tedford in a heart beat and Ron English over Bob Gregory just as quickly.

    This team needs leadership. It is obvious that their is no cohesion whatsoever. If it’s not obvious to you open your eyes and pay attention.

  • Big D

    Nate + Suzy = moronNCcoming…

    Hey, when is the NCAA going to finish their investigation of Reggie ‘big momma got a house from my agent’ Bush? Once they announce that U$C CHEATED and get put on probation, Carroll bolts back to the NFL and the U$C bandwagon empties out of these fairweather poser fans. Will we begin to see the UCLA bandwagon begin to fill out? Will will begin to see bright, new, crisp UCLA hats, jerseys, and t-shirts from these disgusting poser douchebag fans formerly of U$C? Times-a -tick’n!

  • Jan K. Oski

    Big D,

    you got the equation wrong!

    Suzy = Nate
    Nate = Moron
    Moron = A_Real_Fan
    A_Real_Fan = Cal_Bear_Fan
    Cal_Bear_Fan = Fedup_Bear
    Fedup_Bear = nobody of consequence
    Got it, Get it, Good! GO YOU BEARS!

  • Big D


    Whatever… I don’t care much for idiots. Go Bears!!!

  • BJ’s on the hit

    I will tell ya, standing in the front office at Cal the other day, no one is very happy with the season. And all of us fair weather fans point fingers and vent. Geez, 5 yrs ago we would have been cheering. First, I dont know if anyone is going to be leaving. Second, the team has rules both on the field and in the class. You miss, and you pay, just that simple.
    Third, our biggest problem this year was turnovers. Everyone touching the ball had their mistakes.
    Forth, Bench the bend dont break phylosophy. Keeps the other teams offense on the field too long and if our offense stumbles we cant get back in the game, plus our D becomes tired. Time of posession favors the other team. Fifth, Injuries……enough said here. Alot will be considered in the off season, but I will tell you this team has stayed very close and tight in the face of all this adversity. Bless all the coaches and the players for all they give, I have seen it first hand. Shame on you fans for giving up hope after one off year. Go BEARS.

  • Darryl

    Ya, Bob Gregory is not a very good coach. He really likes to play what I call chicken(bleep) defense. You get a lead and immediatly stop pressuring the QB. He really needs to find another job, perhaps something he’s more talented in rather than coaching, because it’s clear he can’t coach very well.

    Did anyone see the Washington game? How on earth could this guy be considered for a job when a defensive line with as much talent as Cal has no shot of stopping a mediocre Washington rushing attack?

    If he’s a big enough man, he’ll step down, but I’m sure he likes his salary.