Down to the wire

DeSean Jackson said today he still hasn’t decided about the NFL draft and wants to take as much time as he possibly can before making a decision.

 “This has been a long process for me,” he said. “The reason I am taking so long is that I want to make sure to make the right decision, both for myself and my family. I appreciate that Cal has supported me 150 percent through this process; it is a big decision and we’ll see what happens tomorrow.”

Jackson better decide soon. The deadline for underclassmen to declare for the draft is Tuesday.

One change from my post earlier: Jackson now is making his announcement on a conference call with reporters, not in person at Cal. He is expected to announce at about 1 p.m. on Tuesday. I’ll, of course, get you the news as soon as I can.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • dball

    Sorry for posting this twice, I just posted on the other JO post “Updates”, but Desean is (from what I’ve heard as of this morning) in Los Angeles right now, and not coming back up to Cal. I think this is why he’s doing the announcement remotely, and probably also should imply he’s not coming back to Cal except as a “former” player.

  • Eric

    Well, if he is in LA tomorrow rest assured, he is going pro. Classes start tomorrow and I find it hard to believe he can be at class while in LA.

    I’m not in his shoes, but I just do not see what he gains by leaving. The money will be there in one year. Heck, his draft stock didn’t even drop after a down year for him and he program. On the other hand, if he stays, he gets another shot at SC, the Rose Bowl, cementing himself in the top half of the first round, and getting a Cal degree BEFORE he becomes a professional.

    He says he wants to make the best decision for him and his family, but quite clearly the best decision for him, as an individual, is to stay for his senior year. If his family was looking out for him, they’d tell him as such.

    Whatever he choose, I hope it works out for the best. With or without, I think Cal is poised for a comeback next year.

  • 86Oski

    Eric, according to the link below classes don’t begin until the 22nd. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see…I’ll wish him the best either way.


  • Will

    Eric – classes start Monday, Jan. 22nd.

  • Will

    I mean, Tuesday the 22nd. That’s why it sucks we have two more basketball home games with the students mostly gone. But there should be full Bench for Arizona on Saturday.

  • HungryCalBear

    Eric – are you speaking for yourself or for DJ? Or you just can’t see what he will gain for leaving? Or what risks he takes for staying? What will a Cal degree do for an athlete like him, really?

    I do agree one thing with you – Cal will “comeback” next year, with or without DJ. I do wish that DJ stays, but if I were him I’d leave.

  • Eric

    Noted on the day classes start.

    As for the gains and risks, I just don’t think he gains that much by leaving early. I think the benefits far outweigh the negatives if he stays for his senior season. He gets a Cal degree, gets extra shots at USC/Rose, and might improve his draft stock. If he leaves, he loses all of that. Leaving early brings him nothing other than money now rather than next year and a mid first round pick as opposed to an even earlier selection in the NFL draft. But, then again, maybe DJ does place as much weight in the positives I just listed with regard to staying early.

  • Eric

    As for speaking for DJ or myself, I really do think he should stay, and not because it benefits me in anyway, or the team for that matter. When I look at the pros and cons, from his perspective – as best as I can do – it is awfully hard to see how leaving early is in his best interest – long and short term.

  • ho

    i disagree…what happens if DJ suffers a season ending injury next year (ie, dixon)? he’s a skinny dude on the field

    anyway, all this speculation based on rumors is silly…we’ll find out tomorrow

  • Eric

    First of all Dixon was NEVER a first round pick. And, I say that because I believe someone of Desean’s stature can take out an insurance policy for his senior season just as Matt Leinart did. Yes, he could get injured his senior season, but he would be insured. In addition, even Willis McGahee remained a first round pick after his devastating injury.

  • Mike

    Why does everybody say DJ should go pro early. First of all, I think he knows this too but he is well undersized. One more year at Cal where he could bulk up 10-15 pounds would increase his stock as well as being the primary reciever. Riley possibly taking over for Longshore is another reason. his stats were not all that great this one more year could push him up to the top 10 in the draft which is a ton more mullah then where he is at right now.

  • dball

    But why even risk an injury if he doesn’t have to? He can go somewhere around the 15th pick right now, and get paid now. Or he can come back next year, risk injury, and not get paid at all. Insurance policy? Are you serious? Why bother?

    Eric, do you really think Desean can improve his stock further up the list than the #15 he can get right now? How many receivers are typically drafted in the top 15 spots? Realistically, even if Desean were to come back he’d have to beat out all the QBs, all the RBs, all the linemen out there to move up even to #10.

    But that’s all speculative. Think about your own career: If I offered you a chance at a $100k job today, guaranteed….why would you delay a year to get $110k job a year from now. Net present value baby, SHOW ME THE M$NEY!!

  • Eric

    Look, the difference between say pick 6 and pick 15 can be significant. There is no guarantee of moving up that’s correct. But, I think the other advantages are even more important, the degree, the chance at redemption, etc.

    As for the analogy to my own career, the difference in draft spot can go well beyond only 10%. Moreover, again, there is a value to getting that degree, to beating USC, to going to the Rose Bowl. The question is how much value does Desean place on those things? If it is indeed all about money for Desean then I suppose he won’t value those things that much. However, as far as NPV and “show me the money” at worst the same money will be available next year and staying an extra year is unlikely to change the lifespan of his NFL career. The difference he would get from going next year as opposed to this year, with regard to lifetime earnings would likewise be nill. Lastly, who is to say his market value wouldn’t increase with respect to endorsements if he made a real run at the Heisman or Cal bounced back to the national scene?

  • PJH87

    DeSean has a lot left to prove here at Cal. Desean has under achieved here at Cal absolutely no question. The question is does DeSean want to risk under achieving in the NFL and in College?

    Maybe it is satisfying enough for DeSean to have a few highlight punt return run backs for TD’s and mediocre WR stats at Cal. But if Desean is really the elite WR he thinks he is then he has stay in school and prove that here at Cal. DeSean wasn’t even the top WR for Cal in terms of stats; Hawkins was the #1 WR in 2007. And Hawkins may not even get drafted this year.

  • pjh87

    DeSean has under achieved as a WR at Cal no question. DeSean still has yet to prove he is an elite WR here.

    If all DeSean wants is a few highlight punt returns for TD’s and mediocre WR stats to show for his career at Cal then maybe he is not the player we thought he was. DeSean’s WR stats aren’t going to improve in the NFL and he’ll have even less opportunity to play on that level.

    Riley will give DeSean plenty of opportunities to prove himself as a WR next year. The question DeSean answers tomorrow is will DeSean decide go out as a mediocre college WR to the NFL this year or stay at Cal and prove he is an elite college WR ready to dominate on the next level with a great QB like Riley throwing to him?

  • Robert

    It’s soooo easy for people to sit behind their computers and make this decision FOR DJ. For many the NFL is their dream job. It’s what they wanted since they were kids. People then type, “delay it, it’s not worth it this year.” Easy for you to say. At 21 years of age that’s not as easy as it sounds. Good luck DJ! It was a pleasure to be able to cheer you on as a Bear!!

  • Dave Lambert

    Desean should go pro. He did what everyone else goes to college for. He found his dream job. His job just happens to be playing football in the NFL. Desean received his lottery ticket and should now cash it. It was great cheering for him for three years. Best of luck in the NFL.
    Go Bears

  • Go Bears82

    Reasons for DJ to go pro – millions of dollars sooner. Reason to stay – opportunity to add some bulk and improve his resiliency. He is pretty undersized and is likely to get hurt in his first year. It seems like all first round receivers do. By bulking up and hopefully being more suited for the NFL he will have a longer career. If he does stay, he can get an insurance policy to hedge possible injuries that might occur in college.

  • moreNCsarecoming

    I hope he stays for another year. Losing to Michigan State and Maryland would be priceless.

  • moreNCsarecomming: get a life


  • Robert

    No progress yet in therapy, huh Amy?

  • TheBruinWarrior

    I own you, stupid Berkley fans