Well, tomorrow is the deadline for underclassmen to submit the paperwork for the NFL draft, and still nothing from DeSean Jackson. Does that mean he might actually be staying? The delay could mean two things: Perhaps Jackson’s departure to the NFL wasn’t as much of a slam dunk that many, including yours truly, believed. Maybe he’s taking more time to think about his decision because it truly is a tougher decision than some of us gave him credit for. Or, maybe Jackson, who loves the flair for the dramatic, just figured he’d make us all wait. Maybe since he kept hearing how much of a sure thing it was that he was going pro, he decided to make us think it’s not as much of a sure thing as we thought.

Either way, we’ll find out tomorrow. Word is Jackson isn’t going to make his decision today and likely will hold a press conference tomorrow at Cal to reveal his plans. Stay tuned! If I get any further information between now and then, I will of course pass it along.

In other wide receiver news, some of you may have seen it already, but Robert Jordan was one of the few bright spots for the West team in Saturday’s Hula Bowl. Jordan caught four passes for 84 yards and the team’s only touchdown in a 38-7 loss. I’d be surprised if Jordan isn’t drafted.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Nick

    I suppose all us Cal fans should lock our hands and pray for Desean to come back. Would be so awesome if he did. I’ll cheer for you no matter what path you choose, Desean, but I’d love to see you back in blue and gold next season.

  • Steve

    JO —
    How often are the “I am leaving” press conferences held on campus – could that be a sign he is staying?

  • Juice

    I had heard that Desean stopped going to class awhile back…probably in anticipation of going pro….which would doom him if he later decided that he may want to stay. Have you heard anything similar?

    I had also heard that Desean had verbally undressed Kevin Riley in the locker room in front of the team after the Oregon St. game….and that the only thing worse is that JK didn’t do anything about it. Was wondering if you had heard anything about this?


    Im really happy and pleased with Jordens play in the Hula bowl. For three years now his skills have been overlooked by most of the country, and it just proves how good the three at cal really are. I am very happy and excited to see Robert do well in the NFL.

  • Mike

    The onyl reason I could see DJ satying is because he was very disappointed in his junior season and wants to come back in 08 to win the Heisman. We’re not talking about Mr. Team Player here…

  • dball

    Juice, I heard the same thing from two different sources about Desean not going to classes. He’s down in LA right now. If for whatever reason I’m wrong and he chooses to come back to Cal, I’ll wear a “I LOVE TEDFORD’s QB DECISIONS” shirt to the next Big Game (and if you’ve read my other posts you know this is the last thing I want to do).

  • Jonathan Okanes

    Juice, DeSean wouldn’t be the first early-entry guy to stop going to class. I do recall after one practice during the season, I wanted to talk to him and he declined because he said he had to write a paper. I hadn’t heard about the OSU thing with Riley and I find it very hard to believe.

  • Steve in Concord

    I think part of the
    reason for the last minute announcement IS DeSeans flair for the dramatic and wanting all the atte ntion he can get. Tomorrow, very conveniently, will be a very slow day as far as sports news goes. The past few days all the focus was on the NFL playoffs and today the results are the main sports topic of discussion. Not much going on sports-wise today or tomorrow, the perfect day for DeSean to have the spotlight all to himself.

  • Steve in Concord

    I’m happy for Robert Jordan that he is recieving positive recognition for his talents. He has been kind of overlooked and under-rated at Cal in the shadow of DJ and Lavelle Hawkins. I was also kind of hoping that he would stay a bit under the radar, thinking that the Raiders might take him as a late round draft choice. Being Jamarcus Russell’s cousin, I’m pretty sure the Raiders and Kiffin (having coached against Cal) were aware of him. I remember him making a lot of tough catches at Cal and his recent performances in Cal’s bowl game and the Aloha Bowl might move him up to a 4th round pick.