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  • Bear Territory


  • CalAlum97

    Knew it! Kid’s always been self-centered and wannabe center of attention.

  • 07

    Because he’s going pro early? Give him a break it’s the right decision.

  • Jan K. Oski

    Hey JO!

    Bubye Desean! Bring on the Calvin Era!

    Can we have MoreMoronsRcoming’s/Amy’s email, please? We promise not to hurt her physically.


  • Cal85

    Okay, could’ve helped his stock, could’ve done this, could’ve done that, but the truth is you can’t really blame him. No, he’ll never be one of my favorite all-time Bears, but I don’t think he really took that into consideration.

    Realistically, the 5 star recruits are not expecting to say four years. In some ways, this may be looked upon positively by recruits. Tedford did not try to hold him back. If they are worthy, they’ll play early and leave early for their fortunes. Otherwise, they’ll get a great education and live in the Bay Area for 4-5 years.

    Go Bears!

  • moreNCsarecoming

    haha. Too bad he will get exposed in 1 season. Welcome to the bust club MeSean – please join Kyle Boller, Aaron Rodgers, JJ Arrington, and Brandon “Ryan Grant ran for over 200 yards on me” Mebane!!!

  • CalAlum97

    07: no, not because going to the draft, but because I’m 100% positive he’s known that fact for some time now and deliberately chose to string-along everyone, including us fans, simply to satisfy his ego and wannabe center of attention. That’s why. And although I liked him as a player on the field, I always got the sense that he was self-centered and egomaniacal when watching his interviews…hence, never liked him as a person.

  • CalAlum97

    Moroniscoming: and U$C is sending who to the NFL?? Oh yeah, Booty-licious! Yeah, he’ll really excell in prime time. [chuckle]

  • Robert

    Moroniscoming, Bush is really turning out to be a gem. Although he is gone, he is really giving back to SC this year. Have they taken down his pictures in Heritage Hall yet? Gosh, haven’t seen him on the sidelines in a while. Oh, he’s not invited.

  • MattC

    Guess Longshore still has a good chance to start next season. If Tedford had annointed Riley his starter, I bet you Jackson’s decision would’ve been a lot harder (the whole Armed Forces Bowl being the only reason he even declared this late).

  • Anon

    I’d say his decision was very difficult. By all accounts, he was very torn and was considering both sides until the very end. If he had already made a decision, it would have leaked out. And if DeSean is some self-centered egotistical player because he’s skipping his senior year, then I guess Marshawn and Rogers are too…

  • Look, that’s a great decision for Desean and I thank him for giving us three great years. I still cherish his run back and the excitement of his runs against Tennessee and UCLA in 06. I wish him nothing but success!

  • TheBruinWarrior

    haha. I just love to yank your chains and watch you cry. MeSean will be a bust. And I don’t really care about Bush.


    Yo, BRUIN WARRIOR you need to worry about what your going to do in WEAKWOOD. What are you doing so in love with Desean and the playas in Berkeley. I mean who do you guys got coming back? Ben “A Prayer Can’t Save Me” Olson, Bruce “I’M A BABY HOLD ME MAMA” Davis. I mean with all the seniors in WEAKWOOD you couldn’t even beat BYU in the LAS PLACE BOWL (oops, Las Vegas Bowl)

    U lil cubs’ LOST 2 NOTRE DAME!!!!!! haha.

    Not to mention how USC owns the whole town were you from! So before you got something to say about BERKELEY and THA 1.

    Don’t ever talk to playas in BERKELEY with DISRESPECT when you don’t even run L.A. — SC does.

    Besides what’s a BRUIN WARRIOR……lol…..haha.

    Maybe KEVIN LOVE can play O-LINE this fall! HAHAHAHAHA

    See all the Bear fans in MEMORIAL.


    cub warrior from WEAKWOOD you better start praying alongside BEN “I’m SCARED” OLSON that your last weak hope R CARTER is able to be as BIG A BUMMMM that MARKEY has been his whole career.


    see you in BERKELEY this year. JAVHID is gonna do the HEISMAN on the cubs.

  • Big D

    I knew he’d go. Lions or Redskins.

  • CalAlum97

    “And if DeSean is some self-centered egotistical player because he’s skipping his senior year, then I guess Marshawn and Rogers are too…” -Anon

    Can’t you read Anon? I just said it wasn’t because he’s skipping his senior year, but because he deliberately chose to string everybody along for his own ego. Get it? Damn, learn to read before criticising!

  • ho

    CalAlumn97: Other than random hearsay on message boards and a couple instances of frustration on the field, do you really know enough about DJ to say you don’t like him as a person? Those are some strong words man…unless you’ve met him and spoken to him personally yourself. Give him a break. And there is nothing wrong with him announcing at the last minute and it’s not right to speculate that he did it out of being egotistical. At the end of the day, leaving school early to enter the draft is a very personal decision…it’s HIS life and we are just spectators. Even if his mind was already made up, there’s nothing wrong with mulling it over…that is what deadlines are for.

  • Big D

    He is GONE, move on…