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I know there is a faction of fans who seem to think DeSean Jackson didn’t get along with Jeff Tedford. It was hard to tell that based on today’s conference call in which Jackson announced his intention to enter the NFL draft.

Jackson and Tedford were both on the call. Jackson spoke first, and when his time was up, he said, “Love you, Coach Tedford.” “You too, pal,” Tedford said back.

Tedford also later spoke of his relationship with Jackson.

“We’ve always been close,” he said. “With any kid, there’s a growth process there. I’ve always been close to DeSean and I think he’s always trusted me for advice. I have tried to be a leader for him to guide him through things he needs to do, and I think he’s grown quite a bit since he’s been at Cal, in a lot of ways. We have a very good relationship and I’m sure we will have a very good relationship in the future. I wish him nothing but the best. I appreciate everything that he’s done for our program. I wish him nothing but success in the future.”

Jackson also said he’s planning on getting his degree from Cal.

“That’s a must for me,” he said. “My mom is definitely very supportive of my school. She wanted me to come back to Cal and get my degree. I definitely want to come back to Cal. The education is wonderful. I have to get my degree. I have no choice but to get it. That would make my mom happy, and obviously that would be better for me.”

Tedford said not only has Jackson helped the Bears have success on the field, he’s aided with recruiting as well. Jackson spurned USC to come to Cal.

“It’s opened up an avenue to show other players that they can kind of reach out and do what’s best for themselves,” Tedford said. “I use him as an example all the time with other recruits. When you’re feeling the pressure of one thing or another, you always have to do what’s best for yourself as far as where you think you can accomplish your goals. “

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Jan K. Oski

    J.O., you’re awesome! Thanks for giving up your night to whip-out the ridiculous thoughts that Tedford’s ship was sinking. I look forward to reading your thoughts about the next generation of Bears of whom we fans only are able to read about.


  • todd


    The best coverage as always.

    Although I hate that D.J. is leaving; I’m glad he’s going for several reasons.

    For those readers why say he should stay, I believe right now he’s a guaranteed top 15 pick. If he were to stay, he would be taking a gamble.

    Who can guarantee his stock would rise? Remember Russell White? Not to mention, the chance of injury.

    And besides, how many people have the opportunity to get paid, and paid well for doing something they love?

    I believe his early departure also boosts the status of the CAL program.

    Marshawn, now D.J.

    It just affirms to recruits that you can be showcased at CAL and get noticed by the NFL and have the opportunity of fulfilling your dreams early.


  • moreNCsarecoming

    If anyone thinks that MeSean will have any success in NFl, then they should see a doctor. Me-first attitude will not work in NFL. The first major hit will knock MeSean out of the league.

    Berkley fans are delusional as usual. Here is a clue for you: Kyle Boller, JJ Arrington, Aaron Rodgers, Brandon “Gave up 200 yards to Ryan Grant” Mebane. Who is joining them next year? MeSean.

  • todd

    have you ever played in the league? or at the collegiate level?

    I doubt it.

    go back to your recliner and gallery and keep serving them nuts.

  • Edward

    Moronsarecoming obviously learned to argue at a high-dollar, low-ranked university, and is reeeallly jumping to conclusions…Kyle Boller returned to the starting spot, Rodgers hasn’t played yet (and if Leinart or Palmer were behind Farve, they wouldn’t play either), Mebane isn’t the only one on the D-Line, and Moron left out Banta Cain (starting for the Patriots),Carter (starting for the Redskins), Giordano (special teams for the Colts)…it is never a given, for any player from any college, that super-star college players will duplicate their success in the NFL…either way, DJ will at least get a decent chunk of cash for at least a year. The idea that there are no me-first attitudes in the NFL is ridiculous. SC showed quite a bit of attitude in the Rose Bowl…but they have great work-study programs for their athletes. You can earn up to $300,000 while being a student!

  • Anon

    Keep it coming, MorN! You’re like Jimmy in southpark, only slightly less lovable. My favorite part is how you misspell Berkeley, as if being unable to spell our school is somehow insulting. If I spelled it UC Davs, would you be mad? We could talk about Leinert, Palmer, Bush, Mike Williams, Udeze, Winston Justice, etc. etc. and what great careers they’ve had, or we could talk about how DeSean is selfish because he’s skipping his senior, unlike anyone listed above at your adopted school. But that wouldn’t be much fun, would it Morn?

  • moreNCsarecoming

    Again, why would I care about USC or LeinArt, Palmer or Bush? Don’t ever call my school UC Davs.

  • Anon

    Awww, does it hurt morn??? Don’t worry, Davs is a good school

  • Joe Boxer

    More morons are coming: You obviously got a beat down somewhere in Berkeley or something! Why else are you such a hater? A piece of advice. Go have another Bud and get a life. DJ showed in his announcement that he is more of a man than you will probably ever be.

  • 07

    Last time I saw rodgers play, he was a monster.

  • curtis birch

    it seems that USC is able to keep this kind of talent for another year. i agree with all the positivism here. there should be nothing but with a program on the rise. however, i look forward to the time when the program and tedford can hold on to players of this caliber. my feeling is that marshawn could have raised his stock by staying-and even more so with desean. rodgers was really the first out of the gate-a player that could have significantly lifted the program with another year. there is an argument that rodgers too could have benefitted himself by staying. there is still that question mark with the cal program that it can’t promise these kind of players an even better year in their senior year than they had in their junior year. i look forward to the first bcs appearance in the tedford era to see how this shifts the dynamic.


    see you in da LEAGUE desean “THA1” jackson


    can’t wait too RUN THE SCORE UP on another BIG 10 team…….WHOSE ready to see M-STATE get killed in MEMORIAL???? I know I AM