Chat with Jonathan about the Bears

What does the future hold for Cal football? Which players will emerge in ’08? Which new recruits will make the biggest impact?

Ask any question about Cal football and our beat writer Jonathan Okanes will provide the answers in the first of what will become semi-regular online chats with Bears fans.

Here’s how our first “chat” with Jonathan will work: Just e-mail your questions to askus@bayareanewsgroup.com by Thursday night (tomorrow). Jonathan will then provide answers in the chat wrap that we’ll post on Friday here on the “BearTalk” blog.

Thanks for your participation in this blog!

Jon Becker
Bay Area News Group online sports editor

Jon Becker

  • Todd Nizzle


    Last year’s class was widely hailed in the local press as Cal’s best ever. Searching through websites such as Rivals and Scout, it seems like we have even more “4 star” recruits than last year…Does that mean we have even more to look forward to with the ’08 class??


  • Stay Golden

    The 2008 season is going to be the 1st year where JT has some big question marks with his skill positions. Gone are all 3 of the starting WR’s along Forsett there is no doubt that next season is going to be kind of a rebuilding year.

    Jon, who do you see stepping into the starting WR positions next year? Do any of them have “star” potential?

  • dbfish

    What is Cal going to do to shore up their defense next year. Replacing a banged up QB took way too long to figure out this season.

  • Jerry Little

    I have watch football for many years,both Pro and College. My observation bottom line is this.
    1) Quarterback is the most important position, it is also the position that the team leader ship should come from.
    I feel the quarterback should be moble from the pocket. To be moble is to have more play options available.

    Sorry but Longshore has none if these traits from my observations.

    Last, Tedford should allow for a back up quarterback to play in games where the out come is certain. Injurys are devistating in that position.

    J L

  • Jan K Oski

    What’s your guys highest level of schooling? The post clearly stated that questions should go to the email address. I’m betting J.O. has tons of questions to answer from people who can follow directions, so you guys are up s h _ t creek without a paddle.

  • Jerry Little

    I have always felt that the quarterback position should be the team leader and if so do you you think Nat longshore has that quality? and what about our new quarterbacks in waiting?