NFL combine

Some of you may have seen this, but here is a preview of the NFL scouting combine that begins today in Indianapolis. ESPN ranks DeSean Jackson as the player under the most pressure:


Also, in a chat on ESPN.com, draft expert Mel Kiper Jr. said either Jackson or Lavelle Hawkins could be a possibility for the 49ers at the end of the first round.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.


  1. Any word why Justin Forsett did not participate in the 40 at the combine?

  2. DeSean unofficially ran a 4.28 and 4.31, but the official time is listed at 4.35….that’s the FASTEST of any of the WRs, and faster than most of the RB’s at the combine! DJ just improved his stock, and came thru under pressure!

  3. Um, but, um WE are better than Bercelee! And by “we” I mean $C, even though I go to UC Dave and Busters. MeSean (aren’t I funny for saying that?) is really short and lied about his height. Burkahlee is weak! I’m so funny for mispelling your school’s name!

  4. Exactly! Moan all you want about Desean “lying” about his height moroniscoming (Amy), but he smoked all of U$C’s players in the combine! Once he finds a non-west-coast-offense team to draft him, he’s going to be piling on more yards than your dirty, cheating, NCAA-rule-violating love of your life, Reggie Bush every could! LOL!

  5. CalAlum97

    The first big play DeSean makes as a pro will be one more than he made against us. Just ask him about Keith Ellison. Just ask him about going 0-3 against us. Just ask him how many TDs he caught against us.

  6. amy, I didn’t know DeSean played against UC Davs. How did I miss those games??

  7. Moron,

    Leinart has how many superbowl rings? Carson Palmer has how many superbowl rings? Reggie ‘the liar’ Bush has how many superbowl rings? That’s what I thought.

    Wait, why are we CAL fans wasting our time on your lame comments? The best advice you’ll ever get: “Shut yur Piehole woman”!

  8. Big D

    How many starts let along SuperBowl rings does Aaron Rodgers have? How many carries does JJ Arrington have in his career?? Has Marshawn Lynch won any superbowl rings??? Notice how this particular fan base resorts to name calling. Of course after 50 years of being the most laughable program in college football, 70 years since they won a Rose Bowl, no Heisman trophy winners, no outright Pac 10 championships in 50 years and the worst meltdown ever in college football history last year what else can you hope to do but resort to name calling.

  9. Whatever became of Kyle “Jesus in Cleats” Boller? I thought he had superstar written all over him. Is he still in the league?

  10. I like how “morencsarecoming” says “How many starts let along Superbowl rings…”. Um, hey moron I think the phrase is “let alone”. Stop spending so much time on OUR blog and go read a book…or don’t they make you read those at USC?

  11. “Kyle ‘Jesus in Cleats’ Boller”

    Ooooh, man! She got us there guys! “Jesus in Cleats” ha ha, wow, that’s too funny! Right up there with misspelling the name of our school! She’s bringing her “A” game now! Amy, I want to go ahead and nominate you Troll of the Year, you’ve earned it! :)

  12. CalAlum97

    I agree with you. Let’s not look at individual players so lay off Reggie Bush. Let’s look at the accomplishments of the program.

    1) Why hasn’t your team won a Pac 10 championship outright in over 50 years;

    2) Why haven’t you been to the Rose Bowl or for that matter a BCS equivalent Bowl Game in over 50 years;

    3) Why haven’t you won a Rose Bowl in over 70 years;

    Here’s the most important question.

    Why did your team have the biggest meltdown of any major division college team in college football history?

    Your turn…

  13. Hey Moron,
    Remember, I’m not the douche bag coming on a CAL blog and talking smack! How many Rugby National Championships does U$C have?

    Meltdown? Who lost to Stanfurd at home last year? For the greatest program that ever existed (according to you)that should be considered a meltdown. Yeah, we lost to Stanfurd last year too, as I figured you’d bring that up, but remember, YOU are the jack-ass who is on a CAL blog talking smack. Go jerk off to a Matt Leinart or Reggie Bush poster or something, quit wasting our time with your stupied comments on a CAL blog…

  14. Big D

    Rugby championships…who gives a freak about some club sport. What will be next? Synchronized swimming? Boche ball?

    Accomplish something in football except for the normal disappointments that your program has been blessed with and you will have all the apologetic you will ever need to ward off people like me. Otherwise, deal with the truth. Your program is just one letdown after another. Call me what you want. It won’t change reality. In 6 years all you have really showing for all of the hype being the media’s darling for 2 years and running is one Holiday Bowl win against a bunch of patsies from Texas A&M.

    Mark my words. That will be the high water mark of your program for the next 4 years until you get the resemblance of a DLine that can put some pressure on the QB, your your LBs can step it up and become playmakers and your pathetic secondary can actually cover someone.

  15. moroncsarecoming – for being a fan of another school, you spend a awful lot of time on this blog. don’t you have better things to do with your time?

  16. morencsarecoming JUST GO BACK to YOUR CARDBOARD BOX on SKID ROW

  17. Moron,
    I understand why you do what you do. You are crying out for help in your sad little pitiful existence. We CAL fans go on this blog to spend a few minutes each day to check up on any new news on our team. You on the other hand, have such a sad life that you feel the need to get attention from somebody, anybody by provoking others to give you attention that those immediately around you don’t/won’t. All I can say to you is that if it is that important for you to think that U$C is so great, then fine, they are great. OK, so now that I won’t give you the thrill of an online rant, please go away. From my perspective, you are very very sad and need to check yourself before you self distruct. I’d suggest cruising by Dr. Phil’s oe Oprah’s website for some help. We at this blog can’t help you. Good luck.

  18. Big D

    No one asked for your help or anyone’s for that matter. Those were tough words coming from someone who is the only one on this board who took the bait and exposed himself by his rants (yes – you ranted) as both sexually repressed and as self flagellating. Anyone who can make a point of contrast between USC’s football prowess and your program’s (or any for that matter) rugby prowess argues in vain.

    I came on this board to talk college football. It didn’t have to turn nasty. The comments about the Reggie Bush affair were unfair and unwarranted. You want a fair fight. Then show you do.

  19. Hey Amy!

    Since all indications are that Favre is retiring, Rodgers is inheriting a team that played for the NFC championship, and from his limited play of last year Rodgers will make you swallow your words.

    Your comparisons are hilarious! Does Leinart even have a chance of shining in Arizona (lol!)? Can Palmer and Cincy outplay my Steelers? Hasn’t happened! While I like Drew Brees, Bush was hardly a strong compliment at RB (40.9 ypg rushing for his career). So long as Bush humps the skank, Kim Kardashian, the only thing he’ll be gaining is STDs in his future. Who in Hollywood hasn’t seen her naked in private?


    Conversely, Lynch had a 85.8 ypg rushing last year, and he was the main reason why Buffalo was in position to continue in the playoffs. If it wasn’t from that meathead from Stanfraud, it would have happened. That can’t be said about Bush!

  20. Jan K Oski

    You just beat me to the reply. I was going to post that Brett Favre has retired.

    Let’s start the “Aaron Rodgers – Another Tedford bust” era has just begun.

    Let’s see there was Akili Smith, David Carr, Trent Dilfer, Joey Harrington, Kyle Boller. These guys were all systems type QBs if you don’t believe me explain Rodgers fell off the draft bandwagon. The scouts, GMs and personnel people knew the real truth.

    Once JT cleared out of Oregon you had Clements (big success with the Jets) and Dennis Dixon (who would have won the Heisman if his knee hadn’t been injured).

    You can start the name calling again. It is afterall your MO.

  21. moronsarecoming, you are as boring as the insipid school for spoiled children’s so-called marching band. Go away and don’t come back. Your remark about rugby being a club sport clearly shows you have no clue what you are talking about.

  22. BlueNGold

    Was my comment about rugby being a club sport as clueless as the poster who was attempting to equivocate success in DI football with success in rugby? However for a program like yours that has been the laughingstock of major college football for the past 50 years I guess you do have to dig that deep for respectability. Don’t take your yearly disappointment on me. By now you should be used to it.

  23. Sorry everyone else!

    That link failed, cuz Yahoo! is afterall a Stanfraud conspiracy. Michael Silver does have a great article on there about heir apparent Rodgers.

    Look also for Vinnie Iyer’s article, “Favre-less Pack in good hands with Rodgers” from Sporting News under the Green Bay News SEction

  24. Jan K Oski

    We will know who is right in just about 7 months. I suggest we talk about more timely matters.

    When will your team go to the Rose Bowl again?

  25. before SC wins the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. ur a BUM go back to your cardboard box on SKID ROW.

  26. Amy, how’s the UC Davs program looking this spring? Update us on your team! Or, of course, you could continue being a coward and continue ducking my posts. But come on – a coward wouldn’t troll the comment section of a local sports blog because he was denied admission to our university, would he? No, that is noble behavior.

    Dude, I’m sorry you didn’t get in to Cal. It’s a tough school and the admissions standards are high. You just aren’t good enough or smart enough, but then, most people aren’t. Deal with it.

  27. Yes, moronsarecoming, you are completely clueless about rugby, at least as its played at Cal. But that is hardly surprising if your only frame of reference is the pathetic excuse for a team that the school for spoiled children fields every year. Cal rugby competes not only against the Pac 10 but also against the top ranked schools throughout the country. They also compete internationally and against the top teams of the Rugby Super League. So the Cal rugby program compares quite favorably to the top D-1 football programs nationally. Perhaps you should make an effort to learn what you are talking about before running off at the mouth.

  28. Moron Said: “Was my comment about rugby being a club sport as clueless as the poster who was attempting to equivocate success in DI football with success in rugby” … nice, but don’t put words in my mouth and make up things so it looks like you made a clever remark. SSTFU!

  29. Moron says: “However for a program like yours that has been the laughingstock of major college football for the past 50 years I guess you do have to dig that deep for respectability”… Last 50 years a laughing stock? I guess in 2003, when CAL hung the “L” on U$C’s NC season, we were a laughing stock huh? or in 2006 beating the crap out of Texas A&M? YOU and your sorry comments are the only laughing stock here. SSTFU!

  30. Amy,

    Did you skip the last couple of years of high school and take the GED? Your last response to me indicates that level of schooling. First, you say that we shall see in 7 months about the NFL. Then, you ask about when the Bears will make the Rose Bowl. Do you realize how contradictory you were in 2 sequential sentences? Go back to JC, earn a AA degree, then you might actually bring some intrigue to this blog. But, I know you’re incapable and prefer your executive assistant position, so you can continue to waste time for a silly and pathetic agenda. Sad thing is that the Bears will eventually prove you wrong, and what will you do, then? Take the plunge?

    You’re right in that Tedford’s past college QBs have failed to duplicate their college success in the NFL. Have you ever consider that Tedford’s system might make those QBs better than they actually were? Or, that their success after college is a reflection on their ability, not Tedford? I know that’s hard to grasp, but ask yourself why you’re still an E.A.? Plus, you obviously never took statistics, because you would know for anything to be significant it must have a sample size of no less than 12. Again, your logic at best is elementary, and it isn’t even respected on the $C Scouts forum.




    The fact is that you are a loser in Norcal and Socal, and no one cares about your opinions.

    This last one is a laugher, cuz you accuse someone else of being a troll!


    Have you looked in the mirror, lately? Ugly! No wonder you spend so much time trying to bring other’s down to your level! However, you’re intellectually inferior on here, but you have no clue, as you’ve been spanked on every other Division I school’s Scout site that you dared to post your stupidity. Now, run back to the $C Scout.com site where you won’t find any sympathy.

  31. Looks like Sed Ellis from USC may go #1 in the upcoming draft. Here is another reason why Pete Carroll is regarded as the best coach in college football. Consider how many of our great players decide to stay another year when they could have jumped for millions. Sed is only one example. Keith Rivers (who will probably go anywhere from #9-15) could have also jumped last year but chose not to because he enjoyed the experience at SC and wanted to stay. There are benefits when a coach makes it fun for his players that go beyond just future NFL money. Matt decided to stay his senior year and actually lost out on millions and millions of dollars. However he hasn’t regretted his decision. Rey Rey and Cush are staying put for their senior years and both would have been high draft picks. LJ stayed this year too. Everyone loves a winner.

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