Spring practice delayed

Word just came in from Cal’s athletic department that the beginning of spring practice has been delayed until March 31. Instead of going from March 17 to April 19, the spring sessions will go from March 31 to April 26.

According to Cal’s media relations representative for football, John Sudsbury, “Coach Tedford thought it would be most beneficial for the team to delay the start of spring practice. It will give some players some time to recover from injuries so they can participate fully in spring ball.”

The original schedule had the Bears starting next week but practicing just three times before taking 10 days off for spring break, returning on the 31st. Tedford said earlier in the week that running back James Montgomery, who is recovering from knee surgery, would be limited during the first week of the spring but would be 100 percent by the 31st. So this will give the Bears a chance to see Montgomery at full strength for all of the spring.

The extra time also will give defensive tackle Derrick Hill more chance to be at full strength during the spring. Tedford originally said Hill would practice, but be limited. This may give Hill a chance to be closer to 100 percent for spring ball.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Jan K. Oski

    I’ll be the first to say sorry to Deboskie, Slocum and Vereen. This cleary indicates that Monty is a head of the pack in the mind of Tedford even before the boys take the field. I hope it pays dividends!


  • amythicalprogram

    Is it because they are failing their Social Welfare classes? What a joke – Berkley is the only “major” school with no spring game.

    50 years of no Rose Bowls and counting….

  • CBKWit

    Amy, what was your major?

  • amythicalprogram


  • CBKWit

    Law isn’t an undergrad major. Did you go to law school? Where? What was your undergrad major?

    I thought you were living off daddy’s real estate money…or do we have two obsessed stalkers?

  • Jan K Oski

    Hey CB,

    Wow you finally received a response from her? Isn’t it hilarous that Amy claims to have a law degree and be a child of privilege, yet she has posted on here twice this morning. Once in a weak attempt to get a rise out of me at 6:30 am, then 30 minutes after you respond. We obviously can’t take anything she says to be true, because no normal person spends their vacation on the internet all morning for the pursuit of pissing others off. Isn’t that called pathological liar? Any psychologist in the house?

    Did you go or know how the anti-tree hugger rally went?

    Hey Mods!

    Give J.O. a delete function to govern his blog, please! My techy says that there are several simple means to eliminate off topic comments without banning people, so what’s stopping you? Ironically, he’s a Stanfraud alumnus, yet he laughed at your lack of computer savy skills. I guess someone got a job from daddy.

    Hey HR at CC times,

    If your techies can’t do their job, there are plenty of unemployed techs who would clean up these forums with simple approaches. You would only have to hire them as temps, and it would be a vast improvement over the job of your present moderators.

    oh yeah, Go You Bears!

  • Jan K Oski

    Hey J.O.

    Could you shortly respond to this column? I’d like to hear how it might affect our team. Since the forum is a mess, what do you other Bear fans think?



  • amythicalprogram

    I can tell you went to Berkley because you are so stupid.

    Read I what I wrote –

    My dad owns a big property development company. I don’t have to even go to a grammar school to be 10x richer than you are. I am set for life. You? Not so much.

    I said “I don’t even have to go to school”. I am set for life because of my dad’s business. Doesn’t mean that I can’t go to school, get a degree and receive 100 resumes a day from Berkley alums begging for a job

  • CalAlum97

    Pluh-eeeez! Amy, you can’t even spell correctly, now you want us to believe you have some high-powered position and Cal alums begging YOU for a job? HA! You’re right OldBearFan, why ban him/her when he/she gives us this kind of laughable drivel! LOL, too funny!

  • CalBandGreat

    Being rich because of your dad’s accomplishments isn’t much to brag about, amy. Try standing on your own legs like a man (or woman, or whatever you are) before you try calling out people on how “set” they are in life.

  • amythicalprogram
  • CBKWit

    Just to be clear, then, you’re denigrating an important major and program (Social Welfare) even though you couldn’t get through a full year at a JC?

    Yeah, that makes sense.

  • BlueNGold

    That is classic. A spoiled child who shills for the school for spoiled children. Hopefully daddy does a better job of wiping your nose than whoever taught spelling to you, Amy.

  • Jonathan Okanes

    Jan, I’m not sure how specifically it will affect Cal. Obviously, it will have an effect on college football in general. Most sound like good ideas to me. You still can occassionally see guys intentionally throwing cheap shots or delivering unnecessary rough hits.

  • Jan K. Oski

    Hey J.O.,

    I think it might prevent $C from taking those cheap shots that we are accustomed to seeing every year. I do like the idea of instant ejections for additional infractions. I just hope that a review is made before the ejection is made final, so that the game isn’t decided by an error in judgment by part-time PAC-10 officials.

    Go You Bears!

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Jan K Oski

    Such as the hit put on Forsett last year by Rey Rey? Was that a cheap shot or a pass that hung up in the air too long? How about the hit put on your #19 last year by Taylor Mayes? Was that a cheap shot or a pass that hung up too long? How about the hit put on MeSean by Keith Ellison (#4 if you don’t remember). Was that a cheap shot or a poorly thrown pass?

    Mark Mitchell, Stanford RB in the Big Game a few years back…enough said.