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Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at

  • dball

    Its a mixed blessing…Tedford is trying to build good chemistry, so in a way its good that he’s leaving if he’s sour, but bad because it shows things still aren’t right with the team. At least, things might not be as rosy as the picture Tedford has been painting for us in the press about the chemistry “never being better”. The part of Montgomery’s quote about “tradition” is true, but we were hoping that we were moving in the right direction.

  • lessncarecoming


    Thanks for the coverage. I know this has left Berkley fans bewildered, upset and disappointed. Too bad. It happens to every team so get over it.

    Now could you at least spell his name correctly.

  • Jan K. Oski

    Hey Dball,

    Since Monty was apparently sour and left, team chemistry is actually going in the right direction. “A thing is only as good as its parts.” I just hope that the bleeding ends, and our Bears and us fans can move forward. Tedford has taken concrete steps in preventing another bad chem year, and perhaps, Monty didn’t buy into this new program. It does take some people longer to have a reality check. However, the fact is that we probable won’t get the full truth and nothing but the truth about this situation. So, what about those other running backs? 2 days ago, I thought the d-line and QB positions were huge question marks. This spring will be very interesting to read about.

    Go YOU Bears!

  • Honestly, I simply don’t care about his transfer. I was actually worried that having Montgomery in the backfield would stunt the amount of carries Best would get. Now I don’t have that issue. I feel much better. Montgomery provided Cal with a power back without much breakaway speed. I’d rather have blazing speed.


    J.O., Montgomery’s sudden departure leaves Cal with only four halfbacks as opposed to seven fullbacks, who get limited carries in Tedford’s system. Are there any possible candidates among them to be moved to halfback? I’m also wondering why Will T. wasn’t used more often in short yardage situations. His size and strength would make him awfully tough to stop for less than a couple of yards when following Mack up the middle. Also, has Tom Schneider applied to regain his lost year of eligibility or is he moving on after graduation?

  • Al

    why is he allowed to even finish his semester of education? if Cal wasn’t right for him then he should go to a school that has poorer academics and play for them…sooner the better…time for Vereen and Best

  • Jonathan Okanes

    Steve, sorry about the delay in responding. It seems that four halfbacks is plenty. Even if Tedford uses a backup more than he did last season, I’m still not sure they need more than four. Of course, Best is a bit of a wildcard if for some reason he’s not healthy. But all signs are that he should be fine by the fall. If that’s the case, Best starting and Slocum and Vereen backing up is a pretty good depth chart.
    As for Will, let’s not forget he never was completely healthy. That knee would bother him from time to time all season.
    Schneider applied and I’ve never heard if there was a ruling yet, but the chances of him getting the extra year seemed to be a long shot. He’s not listed on Cal’s spring roster.