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I know this isn’t exactly a cutting edge issue, but it’s worth discussion now that it appears there won’t be any change to the NCAA Division I football playoff format for awhile. BCS officials announced Thursday that it will not change the way it crowns its annual national champion as it prepares to negotiate TV contracts through 2014.

The one-plus format is the lastest proposal to get some momentum, but it was ultimately shot down. Under one-plus, the top four teams in the final BCS standings would play semifinals and then a championship game.

I still think there should be a playoff system, and it should be more than four teams. If it’s OK for the other divisions of college football, it should be OK with Division I. And I don’t buy the argument that it will take the luster off the regular season. Just because a team loses one or two games doesn’t meant it isn’t the best team in the country. A team loses a game in September and it’s almost as though its season is over. Let them decide it on the field.

Now, your thoughts?

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • Big D

    I think a 4-8 team playoff would work well. However, money seems to be the real issue in my opinion.

  • N8Bear

    I say screw the polls and set up brackets with the top teams from every conference.

  • ThePlay82

    It’s not as much money as control. A playoff system would mean much more money, but the power conferences would have to relinquish control. There is no logical reason not to have a playoff, only nonsensical references to the regular season “meaning more” (like it wouldn’t mean more with the chance to make a real playoff on the line).

    Keep the Bowls and set up a separate playoff system. Take the five winners of the power conferences, the Big East and two at-larges. Three weeks, one champion. It would be epic.

    It’s a joke that they spokespeople quote football’s popularity as a reason to keep the current system. If they had a playoff NCAA football would rival the NFL.

  • stebbinite

    Well, at least under the current format a team that lost 2 games, including a home loss to an unranked team in late November, could never win the title. =/


    I still don’t understand the main issue behind this. I understand that it would make the season a two semester sport, but the revenue college football would gain from it would be very substantial. March madness is one of the most exciting things to watch during the year, and even if you just took the top 16 teams from NCAAF you would still be looking at one of the most top watched months of the year. Well it dosen’t look like were even remotly close to that so whatever 🙁

  • 81Bear

    Why does it matter that football would then be a two semester sport? Both mens and womens basketball is, hockey is, and they both have playoffs. Can anyone explain why the BCS conferences are SO tied to the bowl system? ANY playoff system would earn sums of money vastly higher than the bowls. With a “plus one” they get both the outdated bowl system and playoffs. There has to be some explanation that makes sense. Doesn’t there?

  • CalAlum97

    You’d be surprised how many Cal fans are against a playoff system. They don’t want the Rose Bowl further cheapened (or done away with altogether). Not sure I really understand their logic, but I thought I would mention it as a talking-point.

  • Davidson

    Money is definately an issue.

    The Rose Bowl pays out ~$20,000,000 to the winner and that exclusively goes to a Pac-10 or Big-10 team. Do you really want to see LSU vs Georgia at our Rose Bowl??

    Cal hasn’t been to the Rose Bowl in 50 years. If they changed the rules, it would ruin tradition.


    Yeah the same tradition that snubbed us and put texas in instead of us, so the payout went to a big 12 school.

  • Greg

    I am opposed entirely to a college playoff system. The simple reason is that the bowl system allows many teams to end their campaigns on a high note. Just look at Cal last year. We can fondly remember and discuss the comeback victory against Air Force. The problem with a playoff system is that only one team ends its season with a victory — is that an ideal outcome for all the student athletes — or just those that are showcasing their skills for the professional leagues?

    Also there inevitably will be a limited number of places in a playoff system, and the debate will rage again about which teams got left out and the unfairness of it all. In contrast, pretty much every college football team that is bowl eligible can find a game to play in. The bowl system is superior and should be maintained.

  • Big D

    Why not have an 8 team (4 games) playoff and keep all the bowls in tact. That way the mid level and good teams still get to go to a bowl game, then the top 8 teams play the week after the current BCS bowl games at the BCS game locations Pasadena,Miami,Tempe,New Orleans. In this way, lets use the 2004 season as an exapmle, usc ended in the top 8 and goes to the playoffs, then the next pac-10 team not in the top 8 goes to the Rose bowl, CAL. However, if Cal finishes in the top 8 they get an opportunity to win the NC on merit by also being one of the 8 teams in the playoffs and not given the NC game based on conf. hype such as an LSU would do. If you win all 3 games you are the national champion, no crying Mack Browns, no whining about how you got snubbed, if you win, you EARN the NC. If you lose, you go home. If you are ranked #9, you still get to go to the Rose/Sugar/Orange/ or Fiesta bowl, not bad.

  • Robert

    You know, if a new system is adopted people will still find reason to complain or point out its imperfections. People will never be satisfied.

  • CalAlum97

    How about a 16 game playoff system which would include the champions of all 11 conferences, Notre Dame, and 4 at-large teams? If you made it to the NC, you would only play 3 post-season games:

    16 teams – 1st round of games
    8 teams – second round of games
    4 teams – third round of games
    NC – final game/4th post-season game

    And like epc3 has noted before, you could easily incorporate the Rose Bowl and all other bowls into this system. (Actually epc3 did it for 32 teams and many more bowl games, I think).

  • CalAlum97

    Oops, I meant 16 TEAM playoff system, NOT 16 game.

  • Iamalcindor

    Why would Berkley fans care? They aren’t playing in a BCS game or contending for a National Championship any time soon!