Day camp

I dropped by Cal’s fantasy camp today for a couple of hours and, as usual, it looked to be a smashing success. I was told there were about 65 entrants this year, and enthusiasm abounded, not just from the campers, but from the players, former players and coaches on hand.

I sat in on part of the defensive meetings where each position coach went over assignments for a couple of coverages. Then it was time for the team to assemble in the Big Game Room, just as it does before every home game. Linebacker Worrell Williams led the campers in the traditional pregame chant, then it was down to the tunnel before taking the field.

Williams, one of the more engaging personalities on the team, got some of the guys going after “the Bears’ took the field by standing up on one of the exercise bikes near the stands and gesturing to a make-believe crowd to make some noise.

Players went through position drills, special teams and 7-on-7s. It’s always fun to watch how enthusiastic and competitive players get. During a one-on-one receiving drill, Williams and Zack Follett whooped it up whenever a defensive player made an INT or broke up a pass. Likewise, Jahvid Best and Will Ta’ufo’ou got fired up when an offensive player made a catch or scored a touchdown.

I counted 18 current players on hand: Williams, Follett, Best, Ta’ufo’ou, Alex Mack, Jesse Brooks, Kevin Riley, Cameron Morrah, Bryan Anger, Nick Sundberg, Cameron Jordan, D.J. Holt, Shane Vereen, Keith Browner, Michael Calvin, Ernie Owusu, Syd’Quan Thompson and Jeremy Ross. I may have missed one or two. Also, there were a handful of former players on hand — Russell White, Chuck Muncie, Matt Bouza, Nick Harris, Doug Brien, Na’il Benjamin, Dameane Douglas and Dave Barr.

Harris helped out with punting drills, taking turns with Anger lofting punts high into the sky while campers attempted to field them.  Whenever someone successfully fielded a punt, it drew hoots and hollers from everyone involved.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • dball

    JO would have been cool to have met you. The camp was great. Just an example of one of the highlights for me was having lunch with Riley, follett, and Mack, I couldn’t help but think about how i was chatting it up with a couple of first round draft picks and our fan-fav qb. Also got to have Ross and Calvin draw up a trick route that nearly broke the ankles of the db that was covering me when I made my cut. We also watched Alex Mack do the splits, not sure we will ever recover from that. The players were really into the whole experience. For $300, it was an unforgettable experience.

  • Bill Reinhard

    JO: Thanks for the insight on the Day Camp. Living in Eugene, I couldn’t make it, but I gave it some thought. Any word on when the judge might give her ruling on the lawsuit? I, like so many other alums, am waiting impatiently on pins and needles! Thanks.


  • Andy

    Awesome to see some former great bears on hand at the event.