Colder commodity?

Cal apparently isn’t quite the attraction it was last season.

A year after having all of their games televised for the first time ever, Cal is only guaranteed to have four games on TV this season after the Pac-10 released its 2008 schedule Monday.

Three of the games we already knew about — ABC had already picked up the season-opener against Michigan State and the Nov. 8 game at USC, and the Sept. 13 game at Maryland will be on ESPN or ESPN2.

One more game was added Monday. Cal’s season-finale against Washington on Dec. 6 will be shown on either Comcast Sports Net Bay Area, ESPN or ESPN2.

That’s not to say more games won’t be televised. There are four other games that could be selected by either ABC or Fox Sports Net. Any game picked up by Fox Sports Net would be shown on Comcast Sports Net Bay Area. Those games are: Oct. 4 vs. Arizona State, Oct. 25 vs. UCLA, Nov. 1 vs. Oregon and Nov. 15 at Oregon State.

That leaves four other games wide open. I was told today that Cal will try to get other games that are not picked up on to other channels. The most likely suitor would be Comcast Sports Net West, which has a contract with Cal. CSN West is based out of Sacramento and isn’t part of basic cable packages in the Bay Area. However, it is my understanding that any games CSN West picked up would also air on an over-the-air channel in the Bay Area. This happened last year with the Louisiana Tech game.

Those four other games are: Sept. 6 at Washington State, Sept. 27 vs. Colorado State, Oct. 18 at Arizona and, believe it or not, the Big Game against Stanford on Nov. 22.

For the record, if the Cal-Washington game is picked up by Fox Sports Net, it would begin at noon. If it is selected by ESPN or ESPN2, it would come on at 5 p.m.

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • iamythicalprogram

    America loves a winner.

  • Daniel

    Are we really finishing the season against Washington?

    The Big Game in December was a little hard to get used to, but finishing against Washington just feels kinda wrong.

    I understand why networks are gunshy. If Cal wins games, they will be televised. No need to panic, unless we don’t win games.

  • amythicalprogram

    UCB should thank the powers that be for USC. Otherwise it would be only one game on ABC.

  • amythicalprogram

    America loves a winner. TV networks are into it for the money generated by sponsors. Sponsors want to be assured of quality fan participation. People are interested in watching a middle of the road finisher. Everyone can draw their own conclusion from here.

  • Matt S.

    Thanks for the update JO. What about Versus? It’s nice that they have it in HD in the bay area. (Although, that game was Oregon State).

  • Jonathan Okanes

    Daniel, yes the season ends against Washington. The game originally was scheduled for Oct. 11 but the teams agreed to move it so they wouldn’t have too many weeks in a row without a bye week.
    Matt, yes I forgot to mention Versus. They are still part of the Pac-10 package and have one of the 6 or 12-day picks on Oct. 4.