And just to recap….

…other former Cal players from this year’s draft who have signed so far include safety Thomas DeCoud (four-year deal wtih Atlanta) and OL Mike Gibson (four-year deal with Philadelphia).

Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • amythicalprogram


    Aaron Rogers has made this comment about the fundamentals he learned at UCB. He says in an ESPN article…

    “It’s really where I carried the ball,” Rodgers said. “It’s not a conscious thing. We were drilled every day at Cal to hold the ball high and were drilled in the way our arm dropped. When I got to the NFL, we weren’t doing that every day. It came up with a more natural position.”

    Rodgers might have left Cal a byproduct of precise teaching, but not having the constant drilling allowed him to be more natural with his throws. His right arm released the ball lower than it did at Cal.

    “As that happened, my release point was able to center up a little better,” Rodgers said. “I became way more consistent with my release point. The more consistent you are with your release point, the more accurate you are.

    “Coming out in the draft, my release was kinda the knock on me. I had no problem with my release point coming back down. Once it did, I felt the accuracy was back. Once I got to a more natural point, I was throwing like it was in high school.”

    JO – Do you believe that with as many QB busts (Akili Smith, Trent Dilfer, Kyle Boller, Joey Harrington, David Carr) as have gone through the Tedford system and now these comments by Rogers that maybe Longshore’s problems and before that the problems with Ayoob can be traced back to poor fundamentals?

  • Big D

    I was just at the future site of the HPAC and there are some looney people there. Wow, I can’t believe how detatched from reality the 20 or so core protester people who are there yelling and ranting. Most are ill informed on whats going on. Some think the lawsuit is about not cutting the trees down when infact the lawsuit is about the environmental report (EIR) and if it is thourogh enough. I actually feel somewhat sorry for these people as they seem like they need psychological help. One lady was yelling at Channel 5 reporter Mike Sugarman that she will get him fired and the UC system to fire all the cops and administrators! What a kook!

  • Matt S.

    Hi all,
    UC Berkeley just issued this press release. Looks like the University scored a “major victory!” I’m sure JO will have more details later. Woohoo!


  • PasadenaBear

    I’m shocked Amy didn’t tell us the news before the Judge released her decision. I thought Amy knew everything about Cal before it came public.

  • Big D

    “The protestors have violated time, place, and manner rules regarding when and where demonstrations may occur on university property and have engaged in numerous forms of misconduct, including weapons-possession violations, robbery, theft, vandalism, assault, battery, battery to a peace officer, assault with a deadly weapon to a peace officer, violation of probation, violation of a campus exclusion order, violation of a court order, threats against a peace officer, resisting arrest, drug-possession violations, disturbing the peace, unlawful topping of trees, and public intoxication. As of June 13, 2008, the UC Police Department has recorded more than 286 violations; 92 resulted in custodial arrests of protestors, and another 63 citations were issued at the site. Several injuries have occurred in the grove as a result of the protestors’ conduct. At least two tree-sitters have fallen and broken bones, and several officers have been injured.”—UC Berkeley News


  • dball

    Give ’em the axe, the axe, the axe…give ’em the axe, give ’em the axe…where? Oh you know where! Chop those treetards down!

  • iamalcindor

    I for one am glad for what appears to be a victory for UCB. Once your new 24 Hour Fitness has been built it will eliminate another one of the excuses as to why you can’t sustain a Top 25 rated performance. Let the construction begin. The difference on the field will be negligible. Will the new facility make Nate Longshore a better QB in the 4th quarter?

  • Amythicalprogram

    Ha ha. Good point Iamalcindor. Berkely might have a chance when SC is put on probation for cheating. Poor Pete will be put in jail for paying players.

  • northside73

    Where is “UCB”? Did you mean Cal? Are you new to the state? It’s the University of California, and then “UC—” for all later campuses. California is the original campus. All other campuses are given a site designation, to show that they’re continuing education outposts, as in UCLA, UC Davis, etc. USC was, as you know, originally a Methodist mission established in a wasteland to teach unemployable people how to apply large quantities of base makeup. In regards to whether Nate Longshore will benefit from a new facility, this probably has as much relevance as whether Rick Neuheisel was a win-at-all-costs-and-the-consequences-be-damned choice for UCLA, or whether he was brought in for his immaculate moral and ethical record. UCB. Amusing, but limpid.