Tedford reacts

Cal coach Jeff Tedford took a cautious approach when asked to comment on last night’s ruling.

“I know a lot of specifics still need to be worked through,” he said. “I’m kind of in a holding mode to see what it all means. I know there are people working on it so we’ll just have to wait and see.”

Tedford did say he was encouraged after talking to athletic director Sandy Barbour.

“I felt like her attitude was pretty positive,” Tedford said. “That’s the impression I got from Sandy. That’s all I can really go by.”

During the season, Tedford said he didn’t really pay much attention to the legal proceedings. He said he still doesn’t, instead waiting for Barbour and other Cal officials to keep him informed.

“It’s out of my control,” Tedford said. “I have confidence in the people in the administration are doing their part, and I just get updates.”

When asked if the facility was still important to him, Tedford replied: “Of course.” But Tedford chose not to elaborate what the facility means to him and the program. He said he’d rather wait until the story is completely written.


Jonathan Okanes

Jonathan Okanes is in his fourth year covering Cal's football team. Previously, he covered Cal's men's basketball team for four years. He can also be followed on Twitter at twitter.com/OkanesonCal.

  • craig

    Thouhg I’m not a lawyer, I read the entire ruling, and here are the specific points that judge ruled against the university:

    (A) The following minor alterations to the stadium require the university to estimate the value of the stadium and the costs of these alterations: “(1) a grade beam to be installed along the base of the Stadium’s west wall…; (2) alterations to existing staircases… (3) alterations consisting of ‘Ground floor slab penetrations” that are required to install the SAHPC’s telecommunication system…” Pg 34

    (B) Doubling the number of capacity events creates unavoidable impacts: “However, the Court agrees that the record lacks support for findings and conclusions in the EIR that doubling the number of capacity events at the CMS will cause significant environmental effects unavoidable… the EIR does not explain why the University must double the number of capacity events currently held at the Stadium nor is there any link between the proposed increase in the number of capacity events to any project objective.” Pg 121-122.

    I think these points are totally fair. The rest of the 129 pages rules in the university’s favor. This is a great victory for supporters of the athletic department!

    To be honest, I’m disappointed that all the newspapers have done such a shoddy job in covering the ruling preferring quotes to actual facts.

  • amythicalprogram

    I hope this gets resolved soon and the building gets underway. We want Tedford to stay around for a long time. I hope he won’t ditch your program.

  • Jan K Oski

    Hey JO,

    I don’t know if you saw Ms. Muffin’s tirade from her God Pod on Wednesday, but it was classic primal stuff. I think it would be an awesome crowd motivator to put on the jumbotron with the caption, “Let’s make some noise!”. It would be a small payback for the +$300,000 expenses for dealing with these tree-huggers.

    Go Bears! Gold out Memorial!

  • Big D

    Those folks are WEIRD! They are not at all rational. If you try to talk with them they get all freaked out. I can not understand where their points and views are coming from. I’m starting to have the belief that they are all from “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest” There’s even an Indian!

  • Big D

    I can’t believe that 15-20 crazy people in a city of 100,000 can hold it hostage like these people are doing. Most or perhaps all of them aren’t even students or residents of Berkeley!

  • CalAlum97

    Actually, you have to feel a little sorry for them…if you look at them and listen to them speak, it seems pretty clear they’re a little ‘off’ mentally, and perhaps homeless as well. Don’t misinterpret this to mean I support them, their cause, or their behavior, but I do think most of them are psychizophrenic or have some other malfunction of the brain, aren’t ‘with’ us in reality (remind you of anyone on here?), and might even be homeless due to their condition. It’s clear none of them are Cal students. Having said all that, some of the trespassers are just normal (but vile) people (like ‘ragamuffin’ in her perch) and these people should be pulled from the trees immediately, even if it means they are injured in the process.

  • moreNCsarecoming

    Can anyone tell me what the latest outcome has been for Marshawn Lynch? I heard he ran afoul of the law.

  • moreNCsarecoming

    Sorry for the above post about Marshawn Lynch running afoul of the law. I meant to ask if anyone knows what is happening with JJ Arrington? I heard he got busted.


    This needs to hurry up and end. The city is being careful with it because they don’t want to get sued.

  • Robert

    Don’t you mean you want to know what the latest is with Dwayne Jarret? You are correct. He is the latest SC player to be busted.

  • Gerson_Bakar

    Reading from Today’s DailyCal: “who can claim the ruling came down in its favor? The university. For the most part, the court decision is a major green light for UC Berkeley’s proposal to build an athletic center near Memorial Stadium…Though the university’s plans currently fail to comply with parts of the Alquist-Priolo Earthquake Fault Zoning Act and parts of the Californian Environmental Quality Act, this can be remedied relatively straightforwardly with revision and resubmission. The city’s contention that the athletic center violates seismic regulations has been debunked by Judge Miller…And after approval of a modified proposal, the long-awaited construction of the athletic center should start.”

  • Gerson_Bakar


    According for the Directors Cup as of June 11, Cal was ranked fourth.

    When the final rankings are released on June 26, Cal should have a new school record. What that speaks to is a banner year across the 27 varsity teams at Cal, an unrivaled parity in each team’s success.

    Since Athletic Director Sandy Barbour took over in 2004, Cal has been on a steady rise through the Directors Cup standings, finishing 15th after the 2004-2005 athletic year-her first at Cal-then seventh the following year and ninth in 2006-2007.

  • Jan K Oski

    I trust in Tedford!